EVERCOOL Transformer 4 Heat Pipe CPU cooler Review

Today we are going to take a look at two products from EVERCOOL! The EVERCOOL Transformer 4 Heat Pipe CPU cooler and a companion product, the TWISTER Fan Speed Controller. Both products promise to be a hit with hard-core gamers looking for that extra cooling. The Transformer 4 is a monster of a cooler that by its very size implies great things. The Twister will let you tone down that noisy CPU fan when extra cooling is not needed. So without further adieu, lets delve into these two products for a closer look!

 Provided by: EVERCOOL

Transformer 4: $42.99 Newegg

Twister Speed Control: $5.99 Xocide

Closer look:

The packaging for the EVERCOOL Transformer 4 Heat Pipe CPU cooler is pretty straightforward.  You can easily see the product and know that this monster is build for some heavy-duty work.

 The sides of the package give you the applications for the product.  One side is for AMD and the other for Intel.



 The back panel lists the many features and specifications for the EVERCOOL Transformer 4 Heat Pipe CPU cooler.  There are also 3 nice pictures showing the finished mounting on 3 different systems.

In our first pictures of the product out of its package we get our first look at this monster! Here also is all the mounting hardware that is included.  This unique set of hardware allows you to mount this 843.5-gram cooler on your motherboard and not worry about all that weight hanging on the side.

And here we get a good look at this monster sized cooler with one of the two 120mm fans.  The fans are interchangeable side to side, so setting up your proper airflow is no problem.

A couple more pictures round out a great view of the EVERCOOL Transformer 4

 The EVERCOOL Twister Speed Controller!

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