Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler Review

With the popularity of home theater PCs on the rise and with money being tight for most, why not try and make your computers components last as long as they can. In the case of the home theater PC sometimes CPU coolers don’t fit inside the smaller cases that some prefer. Well with the Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Coolers super low-profile size, only 7cm high, this no longer has to be an issue. Let’s take a closer look at this tiny little CPU cooler:

Product Provided By: End PC Noise

Closer Look:

Now let’s move on to the specs and features:

Cooler Specifications 
 Universal applicationIntel LGA775,  1366
 Dimensions138x123x70.3 mm
    [LxWxH]4.84×5.43×2.77 inch
  MaterialsPure copper base
  Pure copper heat pipe
  Pure aluminum heat sink
  Pure aluminum fins
 Weight475 gr / 16.8 oz
 Heat pipe4 heat pipes of 6 mm / 0.236 inch
Fan specifications 
 Fan size120x120x20 mm / 4.72×4.72×0.79 inch
 Fan voltage12V
  Fan functionPWM Fan
 Fan speed500 to 2000 RPM (+/- 10%)
 Fan connector4-pin
 Bearing TypeSleeve Bearing
 Noise level15 ~ 24 dB(A)*


  • copper base
  • 4 x 6mm copper heat pipes
  • SkiveTek heat sink
  • ultra-thin aluminum fins
  • for Socket 1366 and 775
  • PWM controlled 120mm fan with
  • just 500-2000RPM
  • only 7cm high!
  • perfect for HTPC’

Now let’s get to the testing:

Testing Setup:

  • CPU: Q6600
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
  • Memory: ocz sli ready 4gb set
  • Video Card ATI Radeon EAH 4550
  • Power Supply: Thermaltake Litepower 450W
  • Hard Drive: Seagate500GB SATA
  • Optical Drive: LG DVD-RW With Lightscribe
  • OS: Windows XP Home SP3


For testing I will be doing what we normally do here and record the temperatures of the CPU while it is running idle and while it is under load, I will do this for both stock clock of 2.4 GHz and overclocked to 3 GHz. To get the CPU temp to rise I will be running the Prime 95 Burn-in test. The temp in the room will remain a constant 23°C (73°F) to ensure a fair test. I will be putting the Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler up against my Noctua NH-C12P and my Evercool Buffalo coolers.


Evercool Buffalo

Noctua NH-C12P

Nexus LOW-7000


18°C (68°F)

16°C (60°F)

18°C (86°F)


27°C (86°F)

25°C (75°F)

28°C (91°F)

Idle Overclocked

20°C (68°F)

19°C (66°F)

23°C (73°F)

Load Overclocked

31°C (88°F)

30°C (87°F)

33°C (91°F)

So from these temps we can see that the Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler didn’t quite stack up as well as I was hoping. Honestly when it comes down to it, it did really good. While it might have had the highest temps, and even then it was only a couple of degrees behind, I have to say it did well for its small size. Also you have to keep in mind that these temps are still really low when compared to some other coolers that are available on today’s market.

Now let’s get top my final thoughts:


So in the end what did I think of the Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler? Honestly I think it did fairly well. For its small size and extra low-profile build, I think it did great. It might not have had the lowest temps but it still held its own and did better than most CPU coolers that I have used in the past. Something else that is great about this cooler, that I have mentioned a lot on this review, is its small size. When it comes down to the small media box that I currently use, it was the best out of the five CPU coolers I have kicking around, simply because It could actually fit inside the case.

So the big question is, would I recommend this? Well as with many of my reviews I am going to say that all depends on your situation. For those that want to drop every last degree that they can in there gaming PC then this might not be for you. However those that are looking for a good cooler that will fit just about anywhere, then you might want to take a look at the Nexus LOW-7000 CPU Cooler. Some out there might be thinking why would I bother adding a CPU Cooler to a computer that doesn’t heat up that much, well don’t forget, cooler computer components usually equals a longer life for said components.


  • Works Great
  • Small Size Fits Into Many Cases
  • Silent
  • Comes with a Thermal compound Spreader


  • Glue that they use on the x-bracket and the black sticky washers is really good

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