Thermaltake Frio Overclock King TT OCK 1155 CPU Cooler Review

Most people today don’t buy an aftermarket CPU cooler. Why? Well for the average computer user there is not much a need as usually only people who work with and heavily use a computer need better cooling solutions. Computer enthusiasts and gamers alike though know about how great cooling gives better performances out of their CPU’s by allowing it to work more efficiently. Those who push their computers by overclocking it know how hot their machines can get so to meet this problem Thermaltake developed a new CPU aftermarket cooler called the Frio OCK. How much will The Frio OverClocker King help? Find out in the review below.

Provided by: Thermaltake

Closer Look:

Testing Setup:


Testing done at an ambient room temperature of 24

  Stock CoolerFrio OCK CPU Cooler
Idle 2926
Load 60 38


The Frio OCK provided some great cooling, I was thoroughly impressed. Installation was relatively easy and within a matter of minutes I had it up and running. Most of the time I might suggest having the fan setting turned down a bit if you don’t want to hear a fan all the time. On high you can still get used to it as it is not screaming loud but its more noticeable than say a regular OEM cooler. Now when you look at the results of the testing you can see gamers get good cooling setups. On load I dropped my temperature by 22 degrees! Very noteworthy indeed. The idle wasn’t too much of a difference but a lower temperature nonetheless.

So would I recommend it? Yep, its a great CPU for a fair price, you get exactly what you need out of it. 


  • stylish
  • great cooling
  • comes with fan speed control
  • easy to install


  • slightly noisy on the highest setting
  • have to take off side panel to get to fan control

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