TommyJib 8ft Camera Jib Crane Review are a number of ways you can make your videos better. Most of which involve cheap techniques in which you manipulate depth of field, use unique camera angles, and develop fluid camera movements. Truly professional products require a little more in the way of Equipment; when it comes to film equipment price seems to be no object., that is unless you are the one paying for it. Film equipment is almost always overpriced, why? Simply because it is a niche market and it is not lucrative enough to flood the market with competitive products. This truly was the case up until youtube started allowing budget film makers to have a voice on line. Amateur cinematographers are getting better and better and with the new prosumer technology getting cheaper we are seeing a lot more film makers come out of the wood works. This is where a new Niche market is emerging for high end film equipment at consumer prices, and Tommyjib is one such company that sees a great opening in the market. Let’s take a look at one of the Best Budget filmmaking products I have ever used:


Provided by: Tommyjib

Price: $179

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 Test Footage From Some Movies we Made and Other Users:


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Specifications and Features:

Tommyjib 8′ Crane Only

Crane will accept all small to midsize cameras and prosumer cams

Crane supports video cameras up to 9 pounds. As it was designed for today’s smaller HD, HDV, Mini-DV, Hi-8 and Digital-8 camcorders such as the DVX-100, PD-150/170, VX-2000/2100, GL-1, GL-2, TRV-900, XL-1, XL2, Sony HDV HDR-FX1, Z1U and many other video and film cameras.

Ideal for today’s HD, HDV and MiniDV video cameras


(Attach directly to your tripod .  (We recommend a heavy duty tripod with a strong shoe)

– Lightweight  6061 aluminum tubing (painted black)
– Quickly mounts to standard tripod heads using 1/4″ x 20 threads

 Camera can tilt independent of the crane itself with crane’s camera mount
– This  8′ crane breaks down into two 4′ sections very quickly and re-assembles quickly
– You will need to add weights  for counter balance  usually 15lbs for small camcorders (not included)
– Get fantastic footage from above or below
– This crane will support a 8lb camera with ease
– Spins on tripod axis freely 360 degrees
– TJ800 crane weighs only 12 lbs
– Made in the USA by Tommyjib

 – Comes with  1/4 thumb screw to attach cam easily



Although the paint chipped off right away I messaged Tommyjib and he mentioned that they literally had painted the jib right before it was boxed up and shipped out so chances are your jibs paint job should be much better. For me, paint really doesn’t mean much its functionality that’s important. The Tommyjib performed better than I ever thought something for under $200 that is film industry related would ever achieve. Being able to get creative shots and attach and detach this jib to a tripod makes this products a must have for any filmmakers equipment list. I have seen ProJibs of equal quality to this for 5 times the prices this guy runs at.

Would I recommend this product? YEs, if you are getting serious about film making and don’t have a crane/jib then you need to get yourself a Tommyjib


  • Great Prices 
  • Collapsible
  • Sturdy
  • Smooth Movement when you counter weigh it correctly
  • Easily Modable for a More Custom Feel
  • Great Shots When Combined With a Dolly


  • Paint but it was just by Fluke and I am Being Picky Here

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