U-Fly cam Stedi-cam Review

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:77d3fcf76ou0uM:http://www.tvlocal.com/directorio/dataimg/flycam2.jpgMaking videos has become more than just a hobby for some; in the past professional grade riggings and equipment would run you into the tens of thousands, making it virtually impossible for indy film makers to compete with corporate backed producers without using some serious imagination. Now for under $3000 you can get a camera, lighting, dolly’s and materials for “dirty rigs” and just about everything you need to make a pretty impressive indy movie. The U-Fly Cam is one such Budget device that is perfect for the budget movie maker. Let’s see how well it performs:


Provided by: U-Fly Cam

Price: $110.00

Closer Look:

 Some of the footage in our Wow kids Revenge contest was done with the U-Fly Cam (Jittery Shots done with a dirty rig):



 Sponsored review:

Specifications and Features:


The U-Flycam offers light, agile, seamless shooting for today’s videogapher.

This hand-held U-Flycam being ultra-light and ultra-compact, allows you to keep up with the action more easily than ever.

This ‘Steadycam like’ U-Flycam is half the weight and more stable than any other stabilizer. Yet, it can move smoothly. This U-Flycam lets you “fly” wherever the scene takes you up and down steps, indoors and outside, through crowds–almost anywhere, with precise, elegant control and ease.

This stabilizing system significantly reduces fatigue. With a compact DV, balanced and ready to go, the U-Flycam weighs about 3.5 lbs. Its rigid construction permits longer focal lengths than ever imaginable
with a hand-held stabilizer. U-Flycam’s unique, dual extended weight system greatly increases inertial stability. Its quick release mount lets you instantly swap camera connections between flycam and any tripod.


  • Metallic parts are made up of black anodized aluminium.
  • It is made up of moulds,dies
  • The lower vertical portion of new U-Flycam can be folded upward.
  • The weight rods can be swung in any direction in horizontal axis


  • Universal Camera base plate
  • Adjustable Gimbal
  • Weight holding rods
  • Weights for balancing your camera



Steel Wheelbarrow bearing provides Rotational control over camera so the camera can be easily rotated on its axis.


There is a base plate on the top of U-Flycam. This Base Plate is attached on the U-Flycam with the help of holders tighten by two knobs. Knobs are made of unbreakable plastic. The quick release is placed on the Base Plate of U-Flycam. Camera is attached with base plate by means of camera plate quick release. Base Plate is made up of Plastic.


The handle of U-flycam is very smooth, easy to grip. It can be moved easily up and down, to and fro.


Overall the U-Fly cam is pretty decent. Is it the best Steadi-cam on the market? No. Is it the best in its price range, absolutely. Some people have complained about pendulum issues with the U-Fly Cam personally its pretty much the same as any gimbal based steadi cam I have used. Steadi-cams take practice and fine tuning and they are not for the impatient. Once you have them tuned in they are a fantastic addition to any film makers bag of tricks. Let’s be honest here: while Dolly’s are far more superior than any steadi-cam it is not viable to use them everywhere, If you have zero time restraints and a huge budget to constantly build custom dolly’s then great, but for those of you on a budget a steady cam can make your life much easier an turn those horrid hand held shots into a beautifully smooth professional scenes, improving the fluidity of your video even if it is just a family video or your kids sports event.


  • Well Built
  • Great Steady Shots
  • Fluid Movement
  • Includes a Carrying Case



  • Might be too Pricey for Some
  •  Steep Learning Curve
  • Camera Foot Quick Release Feels Cheap


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