Choiix Power Fort Battery Device Charger Review your phone dies when access to an outlet is limited or non-existant. Today I’m here to write about an innovative device you can use pretty much anywhere in the world, called the Power Fort which allows you to recharge your devices in emergencies. The Power Fort can charge pretty much anything from a Bluetooth headsets, your cell phone, or PSP. This device, theoretically, should cut down the amount of wires you have to pack with you on long trips. Let’s check it out:


Provided by: Cooler Master

Price: $54.99

Closer Look:



  • Slim curve design and light weight.
  • Special bypass circuit design prevents the battery from the damage.
  • Powerful 1A charges 30% faster than normal USB power.
  • Built-in LED flashlight for emergency.
  • Battery life LED indicators.
  • Up to 500 recharge times with 85% capacity remaining.
  • Quick recharge less than 3.5 hours.
  • Full protections built-in to avoid battery damage.
  • Ultra low self-discharge battery cell function.


Single Charging



By Pass Charging




Model C-2010-W1S0 (White Standard)

C-2010-W1A0 (White Advanced)

C-2010-K1S0 (Black Standard)

C-2010-K1A0 (Black Advanced)

Power Capacity 2700 mAh / 10Whrs
Input Voltage 5V / 1A
Output Voltage 5V / 1A
Battery Type Lithium-polymer
Recharging Time 3~4 hours
Dimension 110 X 64 X 12 mm

4.3 x 2.5 x 0.5 inch

Weight 102 g (3.6 oz)
Operation Temperature -10~50 °C (14~122 °F)
Protection Over Charging Protection

Over Discharging Protection

Over Current Protection

Over Temperature Protection

Short Circuit Protection

UPC Code C-2010-W1S0 (White Standard): 884102008894

C-2010-W1A0 (White Advanced): 884102008917

C-2010-K1S0 (Black Standard): 884102008887

C-2010-K1A0 (Black Advanced): 884102008900


The Power Fort is a useful, and dependable power supply. If you are planing on taking a long trip you should take one of these with you. I was very impressed with all of the extras Cooler Master included with this device and if you are ever planing on going out of the country you should definitely  bring one of these along with you.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you are looking for a products that has all of your charging on the go needs, wrapped up in a sleek package then the Choiix Power Fort is a great addition to your mobile office needs.


  • Can get you out of a tough spot
  • Dependable
  • Can be used in other countries weird wall plug-ins
  • Charges pretty much everything


  • None to Speak of

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