Griffin Clarifi Reveal iPhone Case Review

Everyone knows that Apple makes some pretty sexy pieces of technology. The curvaceous MacBooks, eye-catching iPads, and of course the sleek and shiny iPhone 3GS.  Apple products have ascended beyond sophisticated gadgets and turned into fashion statements and status symbols. Naturally, people want to protect their iPhones but most cases cover up the original design of the iPhone. Griffin has come along and offered the perfect solution for those who want to show off their iPhone. Come see  their great Griffin Reveal case in today’s review.


Product by: Griffin Technology

Price: $24.99


  • One-piece polycarbonate shell with ultra-thin rubber interior lining accents
  • Super-slim: adds just 1.4 mm in thickness to your iPhone 3G
  • Allows access to all ports and controls




The Griffin Reveal is a very simple concept with a fantastic outcome. This clear back case does a great job of protecting and most importantly protecting your iphone. All of the iPhone brands and logos are prominently displayed. It also covers up the chrome bezel, which some may not like but I very much appreciate as it is a the most fragile part of the iPhone’s casing. 

If you’re looking for a case that will show off your iPhone’s original design then this is the case for you! I completely recommend it. With all the color options you’ll definitely find something for your personal style. 


  • Shows off the iPhone’s original design while providing excellent protection.
  • Nice silicone feeling material on sides of the case
  • Incredibly easy to install 
  • A wide selection of colors


  • Clear back scratches easy
  • Difficult to take off
  • No extras included with case 



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