Griffin Outfit Shade Case for iPhone 3GS Review cases are available that allow you to transform the color of your iPhone. You can pick up a nice bright green cases or a more neutral silver case. But after a while these colors tend to get boring. Who wants just a color? Griffin knows that consumers grow weary of the same old colors and have created the more visually striking Outfit Shade case. The case features a beautiful and striking two-tone colored shell that you just have to check out in today’s review.


Product by: Griffin Technology
Price: $24.99

Hard-shell polycarbonate case with ombre finish
Slim, secure fit for your iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS
Easy access to Multi-Touch display, all controls, ports and camera lens
Griffin EasyDock™ design allows quick docking without removing your iPhone from the case



I absolutely love the Griffin Outfit shade case. You see, I’m a strange kind of person. I enjoy both heavy metal and techno music, which means I either like very dark colors or very bright colors. The Outfit Shade cater’s to every aspect of my personal taste and I’m sure that many others will absolutely love the colors as well. There’s definitely a color for you among the line-up. I was also very impressed by the soft-touch finish on the inside. It’s something I’ve never seen in a slider style case before and I really liked it. 
I recommend this case to anyone  in need of any iPhone case period. It’s a fantastic case all around that I’m sure anyone will love. And that’s why it receives my highest regard and recommendation. 


  • Beautiful and striking colors, something for everyone
  • Good scratch and drop protection
  • Soft-touch inner finish is very impressive and innovative 


  • Includes no extra’s
  • Not dockable



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