Mobile Action i-gotU GT600 GPS Travel Logger Review

Knowing just where you’ve been in your travels, and in some cases, knowing exactly where you are, can be invaluable. Be it finding the location of that unbelievable fishing spot from that trip last year, or locating a party in the midst of suburbia, being able to have such an accurate sense of direction would sure come in handy wouldn’t it? The really cool thing is that all of us can now be known as the of our block, all thanks to a small tool made available to us by the people of Mobile Action, the “i-gotU GPS Travel Logger”.


Product provided by Mobile Action

Price $119.99

 Closer Look:

The packaging for this product sports cheerful colors, product pictures, and an impressive amount of hardware specifications. One thing that inspires confidence is the design of the package itself. A person is able to open the front of the package to reveal the product and accessories without actually opening the package. On the back of the package is a load of information, specifically the aforementioned specifications, as well as simplified step by step directions on how to use the i-gotU’s various functions.


            The unit itself is small and compact, with a soft rubber casing surrounding it on all sides and the back. On the back is a small loop that is actually part of the casing, more on that later. The front has a large button and two LEDs.

 Time to install the software.

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