iFrogz CS40 Headphone Review

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:D-0jBwDYN2MaUM:http://lh5.ggpht.com/_u27Gk0Do3d0/SxOC0PH5bQI/AAAAAAAAPiU/gJUCpuBpznA/s800/cs40-02.jpgLately earbuds have been gaining popularity because they are more compact and easier to bring with you anywhere. Personally I have never heard a pair of earbuds that can compete with the full sound of a headphone. A few exceptions are the RE0’s, RE128’s and the V-Moda Vibe ii’s but even these high end earbud IEM’s can’t compete with the full bass and airy sound of headphones. Today we are going to be checking out the iFrogz CS40’s; every pair of headphones I have reviewed from iFrogz has been amazing. iFrogs quality to price ratio has always been amazing and I hope the same is true for the CS40’s because I have been reviewing nothing but earbuds and IEM’s lately and I have been wanting a comfortable set of headphones so let’s hope these are the ones. Let’s check them out:

Provided by: iFrogz

Price: $39.99

Closer Look:



Before testing a pair of headphones it is important to burn them in first for at least 24 hours. After Burn in we will be breaking the review down into 4 parts.: Treble performance, Mid, Bass, and driver speed.


Treble can be broken down into two group’s sibilant and smooth treble. Smooth treble is very unpronounced and less clear. Sibilant treble is very pronounced but when it comes to clarity it tends to make treble note hiss. The CS40’s are a perfect balance of the two. The over all treble was crisp but not piercing and made the overall listening experience a pleasant one.


Very clear vocals and guitar made for a very enjoyable listening session. If mids are not exaggerated slightly by your headphones it can be difficult to differentiate between vocals and backup which personally gives me a headache after extended listening. The Mids were perfect with this headphone I was more than just a little impressed especially after running through my Burson Audio HA 160.


Bass is by far my personally favorite when judging a pair of headphones. If bass isn’t smooth and punching when needed then I will put down the headphones and move on.Listening to the headphones natural (non amplified) I can say the bass is pretty fantastic, once amplified my love for the CS40’s grew more than my love for any other headphone has in a long time. I have heard some pretty expensive headphones in my time and I still have my favorites from those but considering the CS40’s are under $40 this changed my whole perspective on high-end audio. The CS40’s in my opinion sound even better than my old Porta Pro’s and I was an avid promoter of those ever since their release.


Although not quite as quick as some of the IEM’s I have been hearing lately, there was no blending in multiple drum hits so Speed is just fine.



If I were to base the review on purely comfort I can say this: when iFrogz puts “comfort series” on a headphone you can be damn sure the headphones are going to be comfortable. I hate on ear headphones, possibly even  loathe them, that was until I tried the CS40’s what ever they use in their ear pad design works, and works amazingly. I have never had such a comfortable on ear headphone in my life. This review is based on more than just comfort and as such I have to say the CS40’s would have been a great headphone just for comfort, being that this is an audio review though they instantly boosted themselves to one of the best headphones I have ever owned.

Would I recommend these?  Yes, in fact if I was still running my shop instead of doing OCHQ full time I would happily carry this model in my shop along side my Sennheisers and Grado’s. They may look a little juvenile for enthusiasts but they perform incredibly and in my opinion that is all that matters.


  •  Price
  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Incredible Amplified
  • Multiple Color Choices
  • Very Enjoyable Listening Experience


  •  Although I Love iFrogz Uniqueness I Wish They had More Refined Deign Options Like their Timbre Line For Earbuds.


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