iFrogz Custom Fallout Headphones Review

Customizing has become a way of self-expression never before seen in the audio world. Up till now, your iPod was the only audio accessory you could customize with multiple skins and stickers to put your personal touch on your MP3 player. Since this fad kicked in everyone followed suit. What if customizing your iPod or mp3 device isn’t enough for you? This is where iFrogz headphones come in to play with their ear pollution line. The frozen fallout custom headphones are fully customizable from decal to earpad color. As we have seen in the past with skull candy looks aren’t everything you need decent sounding headphones and good looking all in one package, let’s check out the iFrogz fallout headphones and see how well they do:

Provided by: ifrogz

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Ifrogz Custom Fallout Headphones is simple and well designed. I always love the ability to see the product before purchasing it. Also on the packaging is all of the needed information and specs you need to buy the right headphones for you.

There are no bells or whistles with the Ifrogz Custom Fallout Headphones, all that’s in the package is the headphones. I wouldn’t mind seeing an adapter for stereo use but these headphones were designed for use with mp3 players so less extra junk means a better end-user price so that is alright by me.


The Ifrogz Custom Fallout Headphones come in a decent size of 40mm. The one thing I personally don’t like is the lack of a gold plated connector but again this is a cost thing and 90% of users won’t notice the difference. The ear cushions are pretty comfortable and I like the addition of graphics in the inner filter.

Let’s check out the specs and testing now:


Driver Unit:40mm
Impedance:32 ohms
Sensitivity:120dB+/-3dB at 1KHz
Frequency Response:30 Hz to 20 KHz
Cord Length:1.2M


Usually, we go over the range of the headphones or audio device I will be doing the testing a little differently because these are not audiophile-grade headphones. I will be doing a movie, gaming, and music test and commenting on the range as I go. I will be giving the headphones a mark out of 10 for each section.

For movie watching I went with Appleseed, CGI movies have to work very hard on the sound effects and this movie is by far one of the best for sound quality testing I have seen yet. The Ifrogz Custom Fallout Headphones did far better than I ever would have expected a headphone under $40 to do. Although the bass wasn’t perfect the range was incredible on these. Every shell casing drop, explosion, and shoe scrape was crystal clear.
I chose to play Bioshock for the horror-thriller aspect and World at war for its gunfire effects. The headphones did pretty good no frapping or muffled sound. Of course dues, to the single driver, you are not going to get a fully immersive surround sound effect with these but they did very well considering. I was still able to tell where shots and scrapes were coming from fairly easily.
In order to fully test the range of the Ifrogz Custom Fallout Headphones I used music from several genres such as rap, alternative, classical, folk, and house music. The mid-tones are where your vocals and guitar stand out and the Fallout’s mid-rage was the most prominent of the range of the headphones. Vocals and guitar were crystal clear and very pronounced over the bass and treble. Second in running would be the treble it was not too sibilant but still remained very bright and cheerful which was great for classical, and lead guitar tones.

Bass was lacking over the other two ranges but I wouldn’t say it was horrible; these are by no means DJ headphones so the need for extreme bass is arguable. I will however say the bass was pleasant and filled out the sound overall nicely. I would like a little more bass in these for rap and house music but they performed better than any other headphones I have used in this price range.


Let’s see the final word:

Overall I could ask for a better pair of headphones for the cost, the ifrogz fallout series headphones were remarkable and above average for their price point. The customizability of the headphones to exactly what your style permits are options not many companies can compete with I believe if we start seeing kiosks at the mall and move coverage for these headphones they will dominate the market. That is right up until we see the inevitable copycat companies pop up.

Would I recommend these? Yes, and I already have several people. The chances of someone else sporting the exact combo you buy is pretty slim there are thousands of potential combinations. I love what ifrogz is doing and I would love to see what else they have in store for future products.


  • Price
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quality  
  • Rubberized Shielding on the Cable (Durability)
  • Large Driver


  • Headband is a Little Uncomfortable for Some
  •  No Gold Plating on Connector
Normally an editors choice award is only given to products without cons but the ifrogz were so unique I couldn’t live with myself giving them anything lower they were awesome!

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