iFrogz D33 Earbuds Review

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:05W1bOugwNtMgM:http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31dW17oP7uL._AA280_.jpgWhen buying earbuds and headphones most people get suckered in to good packaging. I remember in my younger days buying lacklustre headphones because they were over $20 and had nice looking packaging. I soon realized what to look for in an earbud and found my love for sound beginning to become a quite acute in regard to my audio preferences. Not to bash Skullcady or Skullcandy fan boys out there but when it comes to cost quality ratio a number of their first attempts at the audio industry were very imbalanced and more than a few people were suckered into a clever marketing ploy. Since then Skullcandy has been making some great quality products but today we are going to be checking out the D33’s from iFrogz. One thing I can say about iFrogz is this: they are by far the best on the market for cost to quality ratio. When it comes to their headphones especially they are putting out $200 quality headphones for a sub $50 price tag so today I am more than a little eager to hear the D33’s and see if iFrogz can keep the quality rolling.

Provided by: iFrogz

Price: $19.95

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

Driver Size: 9 mm
Magnet Type: 3.5 x 1.5 mm NdFeB
Frequency Range: 30 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Impedance: 16 ohms +/-15%
Max Input Power: 10 mW
Output Sensitivity: 112 db +/- 3 db at 1 KHz



Before testing a pair of headphones it is key to burn them in first for atleast 24 hours. Running nonstop playlists of a range of music at a mid volume for 21 hours and then for the last 3 hours run them at mid to high volume. We will be breaking the review down into 4 parts.: Treble performance, Mid, Bass, and driver speed.


Treble can be broken down into two group’s sibilant and smooth treble. Smooth treble is very unpronounced and less clear. Sibilant treble is very pronounced but when it comes to clarity it tends to make treble note hiss. The D33’s are very sibilant; personally my preference is somewhere in the middle but some listeners love the nails on the chalk board screech of a sibilant pair of head phones. That being said if you love pronounced treble these will be great for you.


Although the sibilance is a bit off-putting for me the midrange really comes out just about as pronounced making the D33’s a perfect earbud for folk and country listeners. Classical could be good but any high string violin might be hard to listen to for extended periods of time. Vocals are crystal clear with these buds and the hollowness I have heard in other earbuds when it comes to midrange is nonexistent making the D33’s a nice choice for casual acoustical listening.


Bass is not usually known for being incredible on earbuds and as such unfortunately the D33’s fell a little short on bass. Compared to other buds in its price range it is pretty comparable, if you want a bass bud you are looking at a $120 plus price tag for buds like the Vibe ii’s from V-Moda so considering that the D33’s did just fine for their price point.


When it comes to punk and dance these buds keep up just fine. Triplets and quads hit every note and never blend with these buds so I am happy to say these are great punk buds. I can see using these while snowboarding because punk and snowboarding go hand in hand if your looking for music to motivate you to do things you normally wouldn`t want to. I still have fond memories of Alkaline trio playing while I was plummeting to the ground off a 15 foot kicker…Good times…Good times. The other great part of these for athletic applications is that the D33`s have one longer cable so they can be placed in lapel or shoulder pockets without cable binding.



Overall the D33’s weren’t bad, but in hindsight if I were personally going to spend $20 on a pair of buds I would grab the iFrogz crews over the D33’s, but that is a personal audio preference if you like the cable lengths and the carrying case then the D33’s are a great choice. iFrogz has yet to make a bad product in my opinion from what we have reviewed so far. The products are always extremely reasonable in price and the quality always surpasses their cost which is always a good thing.

Would I recommend this product? For athlete’s yes, for pleasurable listening buds maybe go for the Crew’s instead.


  • Price
  • Carrying Case
  • Multiple Colors
  • Great Mid Performance


  • Too Sibilant for me
  • Needs a Bass Boost


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