iFrogz Luxe iPod 2G Case With Screen Protector Review

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:FTsj7yuGqWa1NM:http://igmotion.com/images/isimages/DHTOUCH2GLUXEGB.jpgElectronics and some people don’t mix; why you may ask? Because some of us just aren’t co-ordinated enough to own something of any value because lack of certain brain to hand signals make it difficult to hang on to things. Also walking and chewing gum at the same time could have adverse effects for these people as well. For the motor function challenged there is hope in the form of protective cases. You too can go out in public with expensive electronics and not have to worry, as for your helmet I don’t suggest leaving home without it just yet their my accident prone friends. iFrogz has done it again for the iPod Touch 2G as it did for the illustrious iPhone, They made a beautiful addition to the case world with the new line of Luxe cases for the 2G and I am sure you couldn’t be happier. Let’s get a good look at it right now:


Provided by: iFrogz

Price: $29.99

Closer Look:


Specifications and features:

  •  Fits both 2gand 3g models
  •  Multiple colors to choose from



Over all iFrogz has another hit with the Luxe series for the iPod touch. I am becoming more and more of a fan of the iFrogz products everytime they come out with something new. The attention to detail and overall build quality of their products for their price range is impressive to say the least. As will all their products the focus on customization carries through even to their case lines so most of you out their will find a color you like from the beautiful cornucopia of choices iFrogz offers.

Would I recommend this products? Yes, iFrogz has never let me down and has always been very helpful so you will be very impressed with not only the products but the customer services as well.


  • Silky No Slip Grip
  • Lots of Choices
  • Comes with Screen Protector


  • Case can be tricky to get on at First but it does stay on as we Have seen with the iPhone Version



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