iFrogz Luxe Microbuds Earbuds Review

The human ear is a remarkable piece of technology; the ability to hear the slightest noise to the loudest chest thumping boom is something that cannot be mimicked with the same precision using synthetic reproductions. Because of this remarkable sense we have a virtual cornucopia of listening based products with varying degrees of quality, and as such we have to sift through the garbage and find what is right for each of us individually. Today we will be taking a look at another iFrogz product: the Luxe Microbuds. This product take and aesthetics and portability angle as opposed to shear power to win over your love and admiration. Let’s hope the iFrogz Luxe Microbuds are more than just a pretty face:


Provided by: iFrogz

Price: $19.99

Closer look:


Specifications and Features:

  • Driver Unit 6mm
  • Impedance 16ohms
  • Sensitivity 101dB
  • Frequency Response 20 Hk to 18 KHz
  • Cord Length 1.1M
  • Plug 3.5mm


In order to test the buds I used them while listening to music, gaming on my laptop, and watching a movie. I picked these tests because most people that would buy a products like this would be using the buds for this purpose. Before testing as I do with all of my head and earphone reviews, I burned the buds in for 24 hours (48-100 is ideal for maximum burn in but 24 will more than suffice for initial testing).

In order to burn the headphones in you need to set up a play list that has a large range of tones and speeds to get the best burn in do it on a medium volume and after 22 hours finish off the burn in for 2 hours on medium high volume.


Overall the music test was more than adequate for a pair of buds in this price range I actually have never heard buds in this price range that I have liked other than other iFrogz products. The Luxe’s performed pretty well with folk and alternative. When it came to anything bass heavy they were a little lacking; I must say though, that the iFrogz Crews may have ruined the Luxe’s chances in this department. I have never heard a better bud for bass for under $20 than the iFrogz Crews, and to be honest I doubt I ever will. 


Gaming is best done with a good surround sound system or headphone. I wasn;t expecting much from the Luxe’s in this department because they weren’t really designed with gaming in mind. They were a great little bud for gaming but serious gamers would be smart to look elsewhere.


Again I wasn;t expecting much a movie experience from a 20 pair of buds, In a pinch the Luxe’s would be a great choice if you where say, watching on a PSP or your iPod. They isolate you enough to block out exterior noise but again you wont get a fully 3D sound from a small pair of buds. All-in-all it did none too shabby.



I must say for their small design the Luxe’s packed a pretty decent punch. The design is very nice I love the silky finish on all the Luxe products and they color choices look awesome. While they might not be my first personal choice they do look great and they would be a welcome addition to all of the other Luxe products and the quality would not diminish the Luxe line at all.   As I had mentioned previously I have not seen many $20 buds I have liked but the Luxe Series joined the iFrogz Crews in my top choices for earbuds under $20.

Would I recommend thise products? Yup, it’s a gooder and if you have any other Luxe products than I suggest completing the set with a pair of these.


  • Price
  • Design
  • Color Choices
  • Silky Finish
  • Decent Sound Quality


  • Not the Best for Bass 



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