iFrogz Nerve Pipes Review

These days everything’s black or white, at least in relation to headphones. Occasionally a company comes along and offers different colored speakers, camo designs, or other aesthetic changes but for some it’s simply not enough. iFrogz have come along and has given us the reigns. You can customize and tailor every aspect of these headphones. This awesome liberty to create more is something never before possible that as far as I know no other company has accomplished thus far. Let’s take them out for a test drive:

Provided by: iFrogz

Price: $34.99

Closer Look:





·      Driver Unit: 40mm

·      Impedance: 32 ohms

·      Sensitivity: 120dB+/-3dB at 1KHz

·      Cord Length: 1.2M

·      Plug: 3.5mm


·      Completely customizable headphones!

·      Traditional, Mesh, or Fuzz-Fur ear cushions for custom comfort.

·      Various art and logos to choose from for sidepieces




Usually in headphones sound quality is the most important feature. The sound quality is far from bad, but it’s not going to change the way you listen to music. The bass was a bit under-stimulating in my opinion so those of you in favor of a more balanced sound will enjoy the sound the most. And the amount of audio leaking was almost unforgivable. Every detail of a song was hearable at regular volume and almost functioned as a speaker at high volumes. But like I’ve been stressing the customization is my absolute favorite feature of these. The affordable price tag is also very attractive, especially considering how these were made for you. The only thing I wish they would’ve had as an option was the ability to upload your own picture for the emblem.

I’d recommend these to literally everybody, as your Nerve Pipes will be one-of-a-kind. Enough said.


  • Tailored to your specific tastes
  • Wide selection of logos to don on speakers
  • Balanced sound quality
  • Perfect cable length. Not too long or short.


  • Bass is lacking for low-end tone enthusiasts
  • Chrome accents, though awesome, smudge and scratch easily.
  • Bleeds/ Leaks noise a bit too much


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