iFrogz Ozone Earbuds Review

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:_H4Whk-KES-1XM:http://www.drbott.net/images/lg/4763-OZBG.jpgThere are so many different types of ear buds and head phones out there it’s hard to choose which one to pick. One brand I trust is iFrogz for their quality and dependability. The customization available with iFrogz, something other companies can’t compete with. This review will put their earpollution Ozone earbuds to the test to see if it is worth your time or not. We’re going to put it into the battle field of test after test of music to see if it lives up to that same brand name quality as its brethren.

Provided By: iFrogz

Price: $17.99

Closer Look:


In order to test a pair of ear buds you need to burn them in for a minimum of twenty four hours. Then we go through the testing section by section to see how well the Earbuds performed.



Using the song ”I know the cure for growing older” and listening to some alkaline trio have found out the treble is a little weak but still in the yellow greenish area. You can hear it strongly only if it’s the only instrument playing or with a guitar. All in all it’s still nice sounding and is sharp with the cymbals.


This area its way in the green, every strum is delivered smooth and clear not muffled like other ear buds. The sound of the singers voice is luminous you feel the song go through you every second and it feels good listening to the song with such clarity.


Using the song “Apologize“ by One Republic and Timbaland and a little Yo-yoma. The Bass is amazing to me it scores a 10. It hits all the lows and you fell the cello play in your head. You feel the vibrations constantly and it melts your brain making you so mellow and relaxed it’s amazing.


Again listening to alkaline trio in this test it gets the fast hitting punch of the drums without a doubt all these things put together makes something beautiful in my ears and mind. All in all I love these things I think it deserves 10/10 for sure.



If someone asked me “what type of headphones should I get? Well I would not take too long to think what that answer would be. Obviously it would have to be the iFrogz ear pollution Ozone. The thing I like about them the most: is that they’re comfortable, not just normal family couch comfortable, but lazy boy couch comfortable.  I almost forgot they were in my ears and I thought I was listening to my stereo.
Not only are these insanely comfortable but the sound is amazing all the way from treble to bass. Also the color choices are a unique bunch, but I’d like to see more choices. Not that yellow chords, blue and black head phone pieces, and green covers aren’t bad color choices, it looks nice actually. The placement of the pollution cymbal is in a good spot, it adds to the whole appeal. One thing though is that the wire cover is a little thin they could beef it up a little, I guess this is due to the overall price point but that doesn’t take away from the whole appeal of them.
Would I recommend these to anyone? Why yes I would because of the low price of 17.99 they are a great bargain and a great earbud.


  • Nice color
  • good quality sound
  • long cord
  • very soft silicone flanges


  • Could use a few more Color Choices


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