iFrogz Voltz Luxe Car Charger

iPhone battery woes, they are very real and they are unavoidable. Every iPhone user knows what it feels like when you hit the last 20 percent, you lower the brightness, turn 3G off, and do just about anything to get the most out of your remaining battery power. The average American spends approximatley three hours in their car  a day, sounds like enough time to significantly recharge your iPhone, no?  With all the time you spend in your car you might as well get your phone charged too- that’s where the iFrogz Voltz comes in.

Product provided by: iFrogz 

Price: 12.99

Closer Look:




  • Same soft feel as the Luxe Case
  • Sleek design


  • USB Car Charger for any usb powered device. 





The iFrogz Voltz series is a very nice product, granted there’s not many ways you can mess up a car charger. The fact that my iPhone started charging when I plugged it in, it didn’t explode, and the charger didn’t cause me to electrocute myself makes this a good product in my eyes. It COULD have included two car charger’s. I’ve seen smaller chargers with two USB ports before so it wouldn’t have been a major stretch. I’m also not sure if a USB Car Charger is worth the thirteen dollars, especially since you can get one for around eight dollars at Radioshack. I recommend that iFrogz sells these in two packs for maybe about fifteen dollars, I think families would jump all over this product if they did. 

Yes I recommend it, but honestly I’d recommend 99.9% of car chargers that come my way. Plain and simple, this gets the job done. My favorite thing about it though is that it matches my beloved Luxe case.


  • Can charge ANY device that charges via USB (ie. Iphone, iPod, Flip Camcorder etc.)
  • Matches the color of your Luxe case
  • VERY stylish for a car charger 


  • Could’ve included two USB ports. 


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