Incipio Superhero iPhone Case Review, Batman, The Hulk, Silver Surfer, Hellboy; we all know what these guys have in common. These comic book heroes where protectors of the weak, shielding their city from the insidious approach of malice- one epic battle at a time. The Incipio Superhero case achieves the same goal in a far less dramatic way. Let’s take a look at this case’s powers.


Product by: Incipio

Price: 25.99

Closer Look


•    Product of the INCIPIO{LAB}
•    High density silicone
•    Play-through design for full function while in case
•    Shock absorbing silicone protects device
•    Cutouts give easy access to controls, touch screen and inputs
•    Includes a screen protector and a cleaning cloth

•    Part #: ILAB-112
•    Color Reviewed: Batman Midnight Metallic Black




It’s obvious to see that this case is hulking (no pun intended) in size. It would be wise to point out that I exclusively use this case when I go to the gym, throw it in the drawstring bag and it’s a done deal. I would NEVER recommend this as an everyday case if you throw your iPhone in your pockets. Purse or backpack users will find this to be a nice case because you can toss it in any storage compartment with no worry.
I recommend this case to people who abuse their iPhone in cluttered backpacks or purses. If you throw on the included screen shield you could throw this in a pit of rocks and your iPhone would come out just fine! This is a case I use almost everyday.

•    The drop protection available in a case today.
•    A fun unique design
•    More ergonomic grip for playing games or watching movies

•    Bulkiest case on the market
•    Lint catcher
•    Openings to ports could be a bit too deep for some accessories

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