Incoming! App Review

There are many ways that iPhone users have been able to get free texting, cheaper calls and son on. One of the most popular ways of getting free texts is by just using the AIM app, this has been the easiest and most publicized way to text for free on the iPhone or even iPod Touch. However, there has yet to be a hassle free way of getting free calls on your phone legally. “Incoming!” attempts to use the popular skype service to turn your outgoing calls into free incoming calls.

Product provided by: Terry Demco

Price: 4.99


  • Reroutes calls through skype, turning incoming calls into outgoing calls.




The Incoming app uses a very similair interface to their previously reviewed Pranktalk app. The directions were easy enough to follow and I followed them to a tee. After minutes of struggling with the app, restarting my phone twice, and re-entering the same information I had before I finally got the app to say “connected”. Unfortunatley two app crashes and one phone restart later Incoming!’s incoming calls were not coming in. 

It’s obvious that I wouldn’t recommend this product, as no one can sanction a five dollar product that doesn’t work. If future app updates get’s this service working though i will be a force to be reckoned with. 


  • A very nice interface familiar to the iPhone’s
  • A great idea


  • Doesn’t work!

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