Joby Gorillapod Orignal Review live in an age where anyone can become… well anything! Television icons are being born  on youtube, music’s “next big thing” started off with nothing but a mic and a myspace, and professional photographers are tracing their origins to camera phones. Even as a more advanced amateur, however, you require the correct gear. An aspiring photographer can’t be restricted by “bumpy terrain” (where better pictures are taken anyways) which is where the Joby Gorillapod comes in…


Product by: Joby

Price: $21.95

•    Clip stays on your camera and snaps into the Gorillapod for quick setup.
•    Lock ring provides extra attachment security.
•    Over two dozen leg joints bend and rotate 360°.
•    Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability.

•    Holds up to 325g (11.5 oz)
•    15 × 3 × 3cm (5.9 × 1.2 × 1.2″)
•    45.3g (1.6oz)
•    Available in orange, blue, pink, green, red, yellow, and gray.



The Joby Gorillapod is a charming little apparatus. It adds a lot of character to a product generally characterized by blandness. It also adds the extremely innovative feature of the detachable easy-snap clip. But in the end it’s just a tripod and it’s difficult to get too excited about it. It also becomes harder to endorse when you can purchase a taller one for a fractions of the price.
When it comes to recommending this product I can’t fully endorse it if you already own a tripod that serves you well. But if you’re shopping around for your first one then Joby’s Gorillapod Original is a fantastic place to start!

•    Fun, cute little design.
•    Many color options from bold and manly to flamboyant and feminine
•    Adapts to any terrain
•    Extremely innovative snap off clip
•    Original model of tripod is a bit short for some needs
•    Somewhat expensive


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