KitSound iPod and iPhone Dock-radio-and Alarm Clock Review

kitsound ipod dockFor those of us who like to wake up to the soothing sounds of your favorite songs there is a way to do so. Three words, iPod Alarm docks. With the rise of PMP’s in recent years more ways to play your music were introduced. Various docks were made for the iPod but today we are going to look at a specific type, you guessed it, the alarm dock. So lets get into our review of the KitSound iPod Clock Radio Boom Dock.

Provided by: KitSound
Price: £24.08

Closer Look:

2W x 2 + 3W RMS 80 watts Peak
34 mm Paper Cone, Aluminum Cap (Ne-Fe-B Magnetic) driver /Satellite Channel
32mm Paper Cone Driver for SubWoofer
3.5mm AUX Line-in
Freq. Response: 100Hz – 15kHz

Overall the quality was ok. If you are looking for a hi-fi sounding dock this isn’t it but for what it is and how much it costs it is fine. Through the highs and lows it produces an ok sound, don’t get me wrong though I am not trying to say it’s bad it’s just if you are looking fantastic you might want to invest in something better. Since this is a dock and alarm I want to say something about that aspect too. The Alarm is simple enough to program with a few clicks you can set it up to play your docked iPod for 8:00 Monday through Friday and no even go on during the weekends, something that I would like as I always forget to turn mine off. The dock does charge your iPod or iPhone when it is connected at the station but not when using the 3.5mm jack but the sound seems to be quieter anyways when connected that way. When using the remote to navigate through your iPod it can take awhile so maybe only use it to do the basics, stop, play, and skip one.

Would I recommend this product yes. If you are like me and have a basic alarm clock and want something that can hookup to and play your music from your iPod while offering some nice little features then absolutely pick one up.


  • Nice Features
  • Ok sound
  • Good Alarm System


  • Sound could be a bit better
  • Tends to leave fingerprints

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