Orb Networks – OrbAudio iPhone Controllable Online Audio Device Review

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRuvlmwdJ42ewJl7KmlMBE0Gxmt0Mg8Inmkp6gm7r7xQydoPKg&t=1&usg=__3gY9oCAWUvZbLG_3FXCdqx8EoNw=The iPhone has made music and media accessible from anywhere. People have become dependent on their iPhones and where ever they go the phones come with them. The problem with the iPhone is that you are forever tethered to iTunes in order to access your media and you have to constantly sync your files from your computer. Orb.com has made this process more appealing by making a permanent link between your iPhone and all the media stored on your home PC. Orb has also taken this process to the next level by coming out with their first physical products the OrbAudio Wireless Streaming Portable Stereo. Not only can you access your files with your phone but now you can stream them anywhere you like just input the device into whatever stereo you have on hand.  Let’s take a look and see if this product is right for you:


Provided by: Orb

Price: $69.00

Closer Look:


 The iPhone App:

The Software:



Specifications and Features:

Now you can enjoy all your music, anywhere in your home. The Orb Music Player connects any stereo, boombox or powered speakers in your home to your wi-fi network.  Using the Orb Controller application for iPhone and Android devices, you can play your entire music library, Pandora, and Sirius Radio on the Orb MP-1.


Select Your Music

Using your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as a remote control, Orb lets you browse your entire music collection, as well as your favorite Pandora, Sirius, and Internet radio stations.

Pick Your Stereo

Orb streams your music to any stereo connected to your Orb music player. Put a player in each room and start amazing people with your DJ capabilities!

All you need is an Orb connected
to your Stereo.


Overall the iPhone app and the orbAudio are a great match and in my opinion a must have for anyone looking to access their media anywhere at any time to share and enjoy with friends and colleagues. I have seen a lot of devices come out like the sling box which boasted of worldwide media access but to be honest I see a lot more use in a conpact device like the orb and their iPhone app then any set top box.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, before I even used the app and the OrbAudio I have been recommending Orb.com to everyone. It is a great way to access media with your Wii and any device with a browser and flash support. If you are a mediaphile and you are not using orb get your act together and grab your free Orb app ASAP and once you fall in love with that check out their stereo device you will not be sorry.


  • Great Product
  • FREE App
  • Easy Setup
  • World Wide Access
  • Great Idea hat was Well Executed


  • No Video Capabilities Yet on the Orb Device (hopefully there will be future devices)

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