Pranktalk App Review

Practical jokes have come a long way since your mom and pop were kids. Like technology they have evolved from primitive whoopee cushions to sophisticated applications involving your thousand dollar laptop and IP addresses. The app Prank Talk is helping user in a new era of pranks for a new breed of American youth. All I can say is prepare for one of the most brutal April fool’s days in recent memory.


Product provided by: Terry Demco

Price: 0.99


  • Computer speaks anything your iPhone or iTouch types with any voice you choose 
  • “History” to refer to past commands





Pranktalk capitalizes on something that computer users in general have always enjoyd, messing around with the computer voice. Ever since my days in fifth grade me and my friends have spent many many minutes typing up outlandish and silly sayings into our computer for it to say back at us. And as funny as “Luis is a girl” is when your friend types it in I find it much funnier when your computer spontaneously says “Luis is a girl”. 

That being said, this is a fantastic little prank application that has a bit of a learning curve during set up but is easy once you get the hang of it. The price is fantastic for what you get and you should have loads of fun with this app. 


  • A fun prank app that goes beyond the actual phone! 
  • Very simple and easy to use interface 
  • The built Mac Application helps the technically challenged find their IP address for easier set-usep. 


  • Need to have program running on computer for it to work
  • Mac only 
  • Most likely to only work on the technically challenged

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