“In-Touch” MP4 Player Review

We have all seen them kicking around on ebay and other sites out there. That’s right the classic Chinese knock-off electronics. The “in-touch” iPod touch knock-off mp4 player will be one of many reviews we do here on Overclockershq based on knock-offs of well-known gadgets. Personally, I love knock-offs, sure for some they get hosed and the product is poor quality and dies repeatedly, but honestly, do you really get a better product through apple?

Overall the entire iPod experience has been misty water-colored memories. This is only the case for the imaginary silhouetted dancing figures in the commercials. In stark reality iPods are garbage. I have owned a nano, an iPod video, and a shuffle in my time the only one still kicking around is my second generation 2GB nano. After all of the money Apple has squandered from me I decided to try out a cheap knock off and this is the story.

Closer Look:

At first glance, this mp4 player is a clear representation of where our technology really comes from. This knock-off is almost exactly the same as the iPod touch, the difference? The knock-off has expandable media, what does this mean? Instead of the static amount of storage the iPod gives you, you can go out and buy an expansion card for the “in-touch” and increase your storage space. This little unit is pretty esthetically pleasing, for the most part, it doesn’t look cheap. The only thing I would change is the expansion slot. Some of these units come with rubber covers that get warped over time.

The MP4 player comes with drivers and software disk, stylus, carrying case, charger (usb and wall plug in one), and headphones. Everything you need to get started with your new cheap knock off mp4 player.

Let’s go check out the specs and features.

Specs and Features:

Build in Memory Capacity 4GB
support up to 2GB Mini-SD Card
Touch Screen Control
260,000 true color display.
Support multiple music formats: MP1,MP2,MP3,WMA,WMV,ASF,WAV,DMA, AVI..ETC. high quality audio and Video format
Built-in FM Radio : 87MHz to 108MHz
Support ID3; The lyrics of Music Files can be shown on screen.(Software Included)
Supports JPEG, BMP , GIF picture format (under 5M Pixels)
E-Book Function
Support Multi-tasking
Usb2.0 (full speed) interface, top speed extends
5 Play Modes : Sequence play , Random play, Normal , Repeat once, Repeat all
EQ for music: natural, rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz, dbb.
Support Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Port

uguese, Spanish, Japanese , Korean. simplified Chinese, Trad. Chinese..
Built-in Speaker, Microphone Recording, Interactive game

Let’s have a look at the software.



As is with most knock offs you get what you pay for and some times that means software in the wrong language and yes this is the same case with this unit. Some one was sleeping in the factory stuffing the software packages.

Okay so if you click where you think the “next button” is and the finish button you should end up with an avi converter on your desktop. If you don’t have this icon then you don’t know how to install programs and should either quit now and never try again or perhaps get some help…. Either way really.

Now you get to open up your new program, this is when you should with glee (if you are the maniacal type) because just as you suspected it is in another language too. Out of trial and error I figured this thing out, so here are some pics to fallow to convert your media.


Alrighty that was as clear as mud I am sure, let’s do a walk through of this unit and test it out.

Testing and Walkthrough:

When plugging in the mp4 player to an XP-based pc it auto-detects it as an external drive. In order to put files on you just drag and drop them onto the drive. It is very simple to use and works quite well I might add. Compared to iTunes this thing is amazing. I hate iTunes with a passion the way it is set up is horrible. Much like the iPod touch, the MP4 knock-off has many of the same abilities. The new iPod touches do offer 3d gaming which this unit does not but it does come with Tetris I don’t personally play games on my mp4 player anyway but this may be a deciding factor for some of you.

I will admit the iPod does have a lot of new features helping it lead the pack but the in-touch mp4 player should not be looked over so readily. It is a full functional music, movie, and fm player. It also has an ebook reader built in and plenty of customizations to play around with. The idea and the design’s are sound and the price difference compared to an iPod touch is no contest.

Would I spend more hard earned money on knock off’s? Yes I would, there are plenty of more reasonably priced remakes out there and some of them are quality turning up your nose because of lack of a brand name is only for the ignorant and if you really like 3d gaming buy a psp the combo of the cheaper mp4 player and a psp will still be cheaper then an iPod touch which is sitting at a hefty 299 price tag for a 16GB unit.

  • Cheap price tag
  • Great movie play back
  • Easy upload of files
  • Ebook reader
  • FM player
  • Possible wrong language software
  • Cheap expansion card slot (on some)
  • No place to put the stylus
New version:

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