SaFPWR iPhone Charger Leather Case Review the iPhone 3GS, more power, lightning response, beautiful screen, oh and really freakin short battery life. I have had cell phones that lasted for days between charges, my iPhone, not so much. I am constantly plugging it in and charging it, of course it never dies when I am close to something I can charge it with. If you are an iPhone user chances are you either feel my pain or you have called in some backup. Currently there are a number of products on the market in which you can plug your iPhone into a battery backup and be on your way. Today we will be looking at the Leather SaFPWR case with 2000mAh Battery Backup. Let’s take a look:

Provided by: SaFPWR

Price: $34.95

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

  • Most powerful SaFPWR battery case using a 2,000 mAh SaFPWR smart battery
  • More than 200% increase in battery run time for your phone
  • Proprietary charge and automatic sync-through
  • Case prevents short-circuit, overcharge, over-discharge and malfunction for safe operation
  • Officially certified by Apple Inc. as “Works with iPhone 3G(S)” products
  • Belt clip available

Dimensions –
Case Weight – 120 grams

Talk/Internet Use –
Up to an additional 6 hrs/
up to 7 hrs on Wi-Fi

Standby –
Up to an additional 350 hrs
Video Playback – Up to an additional 8 hrs
Audio Playback –
Up to an additional 28 hrs
Capacity – 2000mAh

Works with iPhone


Charge Time – 3.5 hours
Cycle Life – 500 cycles
Approved By – CE, NAC, RoHS
No memory effect
Warranty –

Package includes Case, USB-charging cable, User’s Manual
iPhone not included



Overall, what makes the SaFPWR line unique is their huge array of colors and textures. Unlike the Mophie products you can get a huge range of styles and elegance from SaFPWR that none of the other “juicepack” type products out currently have. Would I recommend SaFPWR products? If you are looking for a slim design no, but if you have a very eclectic or refined taste then I think the SaFPWR products are perfect for you.


  • Quality Material Choices
  • Refined Look
  • Huge Battery Longevity  Increase


  • Large Cam hole not Large Enough (Noticeable in Photos)
  • Too Thick for my Taste

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