SmartSwipe Credit Card Reader Secure Online Payment Review internet can be a dangerous place, we hear all too often of people being swindled in phishing scams, identity theft, and other illegal cyber crimes.

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SmartSwipe is a new technology to help make online shopping horrors a thing of the past. It not only makes shopping easier it also encrypts you data so no one can rip you off. Let’s get a good look at this ingenious product:

Provided by: SmartSwipe

Price: $59.99

Closer Look:

What can SmartSwipe do for you?

  • SmartSwipe protects your credit card information from malicious software while you shop online
  • SmartSwipe provides proactive protection against ‘phishing’ sites
  • SmartSwipe provides added protection against Man in the Middle attacks

What is SmartSwipe?

SmartSwipe is the new, smarter, more secure way to shop online. The SmartSwipe (by NetSecure Technologies) is the world’s first truly secure personal credit card reader. When you install SmartSwipe, you can swipe your credit card at your home or office computer just like you would in a store. Plug the SmartSwipe into your computer’s USB port, go shopping to your favourite online stores and swipe your credit card – it is that easy. The best part is that you know your credit card information is safe and secure.  But, don’t just listen to us – check out this testimonial:

“NetSecure has hit the mark with SmartSwipe.  This innovative solution greatly reduces the risk of having  credit card information captured by malicious software on a user’s computer.  This product is the real thing – not some “vaporware”.   I recommend SmartSwipe for anyone who uses their credit card online.” (Don Burlack, CISSP, CISM, CEH; President – C.S.I. Services Inc.)

Enhanced Security for Online Shopping

Did you know that even the strongest internet security does not completely protect you while you shop online? Traditional internet security will protect your information once it has reached the internet, but hackers can still access your personal information while it is being entered into your computer and/or while it resides in memory. Anti-virus software and firewalls are no longer enough to protect you. With SmartSwipe your information is safe from the moment you swipe your card and your card information is never stored on your computer. If you want to be safe while shopping online you need SmartSwipe.


Overall SmartSwipe lives up to its name, it is smart; for anyone that has any reason to think that their information is unsafe on the internet this is a great piece of mind. This is also a great gift for your computer illiterate family members that think if they use their credit card online that they will have mortgages in their name in Ethiopia. Then again some of us have family members that very well could have this happen to them because they put their info into every single popup[ window they find. So is this for everyone?  I think so, it is a great idea and with all the cyber crime we are seeing these days $60 is not a high price to pay for your mental and financial well-being.


  • Price
  • Simple to use
  • Great for Online Shopping Leary Parents
  • Heavily Encrypted


  • None Come to Mind

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