Studio Beats by Dre Headphones Review

These headphones really need no introduction, but I’ll have to write one for the sake of this review. Today’s young people are about two things: style and music. Style has always been our niche but since the inception of the iPod music has become a staple of  just about every person’s life. The Studio Beats by Dre are the top of Monster’s current series of beats headphones with a hefty pricetag to match.  The real question is if their worth it?
Product by: Monster Cable

Price: $350.00

Closer Look:


•    Combines extra-large speaker drivers and a high-power digital amplifier
•    Powered isolation technology actively cuts external noise
•    Built-in answer button and microphone
•    Plush ear cushions with ultra-soft breathable materials
•    Made with a scratch-resistant gloss finish
•    Very cool integrated mute button.

•    Weight: 260 grams
•    Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz
•    Maximum output: 115dB
•    Requires two AAA batteries (included)
•     Headphone cable length: 1.3 meters


It is unquestionable that the Studio Beats by Dre have an absolutely phenomenal quality of sound.  Not only that, but they also LOOK phenomenal. These over-the-ear headphones look, sound, and are expensive. So the question has never been “are they good?”, rather “are they worth it?”.

My personal answer? Yes. I have a passionate love for many forms of music and the Beats mame them all sound phenomenal. From techno’s thumping bass and exotic textures to death metal’s unforgiving kick-drum and chunky guitar chugs everything sounds amazing. I almost feel compelled to listen to my entire music library again as you always discover something in a song you’ve never heard before. I also love that these headphones are a fashion-statement. They evoke envy and turn heads anywhere you go. They do have their shortcomings, particularly with concerns of overall comfort and questionable durability- but the one year warranty will l take care of you and many brick-and-mortar stores offer extended protections plans.

But for these to truly feel worthy of the price you must be a lover of music AND fashion. If you only love music then you can find something with similar sound for a cheaper price. If you only love fashion then you would scoff at the idea of paying this much for a pair of headphones, no matter how hot they look. Even if you think they’re overpriced once you get your Beats you will NEVER look back.

•    Fantastic, balanced sound. Bass thumps but isn’t muddy.
•    Lot’s of extras are included
•    Unmistakable style
•    The mute button is an awesome innovation
•    Price
•    Not the most comfortable or portable headphones
•    Some songs (mainly hi-hats and other brass percussion components) sound harsh.
•    Answer button on included cable is very wonky at first, though you get used to it.

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