Technocel Vibes Earbuds Review are plenty of earbuds out there and many don’t offer more than basic sound quality and a cable. With the EarVibe it offers an awesome vibration sensation once the sound hits a low frequency bass, plus an inline mic. Those are two nice features to come with an earbud. The vibration is what makes the EarVibe so cool, it brings the listening experience to a whole new level. Let us see how the rest of it compares in testing.

Provided by: Technocel

Price: 29.99

Closer Look:

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Specifications and Features:

High Fidelity sound

Microphone for hands free calling

Compatible with most mobile phones that have music playing capability, as well as mp3 players and iPods


High Range(Treble):

Clear, no distortion at all even with a lot of other sounds you can hear everything in this range crystal clear. You might expect that with an ear bud that is built around the lows that they wouldn’t make sure that the high range was just as good but with the Vibe this is not the case. Technocel did a great job with the Vibe in making everything sound good.


Clear once again, the guitars, singing, and everything else in this range. Not only is it clear but it is smooth, sometimes with other ear buds they produce a slight distortion and a kind of choppy sound but not with these.


This is the best part about the Vibe. You could actually get a pair of Vibes just for the lows since it vibrates when it hits them. It handles them excellently and as someone who loves good bassy beats I can say how much the Vibe increases the listening pleasure. Something that I noticed is that the bass and bass drum did not get blended together they are both very clear and easy to differentiate.


The Vibe handled speed quite well as you could hear fast drum beats and fills with clarity and ease. There was no blurring together of different instruments or vocals.


The Vibe ear bud from Technocel is a great ear bud. Not only is the vibrating bass a really cool and enjoyable feature but the sound quality is clear and smooth and not just for one range of sound but for all ranges. Something else to mention about the Vibe is that even though it is open air and not noise cancelling it still does a good job of cancelling noise.

Would I recommend these, absolutely, because of the affordable price of 29.99 and the many good things about like the vibration and the great sound quality.


  • Cool vibrating Effect
  • Good Sound Quality
  • In-line Mic


  • Hopefully There are More Color Choices Later on

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