Tunewear Eggshell Case Review

http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:_NgtMn1KoSMMgM:http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/8/6/0/5/8/5/webimg/332556697_tp.jpgThe iPhone is definitely a sexy piece of technology. It’s no wonder you want to protect you own! Case companies have come up with many awesome designs, but sometimes you just want to rock the iPhones original look and feel like you’re holding your iPhone and nothing else in your hand. Well, Tunewear helps you remedy this desire, come find out how in this review.

Product by: Tunewear

Price: $19.95

    •     Thin design
    •    Access to all ports
    •    Nice soft-touch design


Package contents
    •    eggshell for iPhone 3GS/3G case x 1
    •    TUNEFILM protective film x 1
    •    Cleaning cloth x 1
    •    Donut shaped cable winder x 1
    •    Size: 68.8(W) x 116.8(H) x 13.5(D)mm
    •    Weight: approximately 8.5g
    •    Material: Polycarbonate
    •    iPhone 3GS
    •    iPhone 3G
Colors available
    •    Clear
    •    Matte Black
    •    Matte Pink



Tunewear’s Eggshell caters to those who want a slim-fit iPhone case without compromising too much protection. Though it doesn’t protect the phone as much as other cases would it’s certainly a step above the popular snap-on back style of cases. I was a big fan of the matte finish but was disappointed that it peeled through regular use. The included goodies were also very welcome and certainly entertaining.
I recommend this product to anyone who would like a case and remain faithful to the iPhones form factor. But I recommend the clear above any other model.


    •    Protects your iPhone a bit more than most slim-fit cases
    •    Comes with some great extras
    •    Easy snap-in design
    •    Matte finish peels rather easily
    •    Difficult to take off

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