Tunewear iPhone and iPod Touch Game Handle Review

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:Zjkkm7eInphqsM:http://www.dabbledoo.com/ee/images/uploads/appletell/gamehandle1.jpgHand held gaming has made a giant leap forward from its earlier days of the Gameboy. It seems we have ditched the black and white in favour of the color; and we have also dropped the good old button system in favour of touch screen and accelerometers, and I for one couldn’t be happier. Let’s be honest the Gameboy sucked, it always sucked, how many of your actually went out and bought it when it was first available? Most of us picked it up at garage sales for nostalgia sake. Tunewear has developed a game handle for the new iPhone and iPod Touch’s making them not just a multi-function device but a viable gaming platform. I have used other gaming handles and I was more than just a little unimpressed with them. Most are bulky and add way too much weight to the device. Let’s see how well the Game Handle from Tunewear did:

Provided by: Tunewear

Price: $19.95

Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:

Size: 151(W) x 122(H) x 49(D)mm
Weight: approximately 80g (including adapter frame)

Package content:
・GameHandle ×1
・iPhone 3GS/3G adapter frame ×1
・iPod touch 2G adapter frame ×1

・iPhone 3GS/ 3G
・iPod touch 2G

GameHandle allows for a better grip on iPhone 3GS/3G or iPod touch 2G when playing action and racing games. Now you can focus all of your attention where it belongs–on the game. GameHandle gives you more control and a better gaming experience.

GameHandle helps you to reach new game levels and new high scores and gives the impression that you are playing games with your old favorite game controller.

The high quality rubber coating on the surface is comfortable and feels great to the touch. It prevents your hands from slipping when you are deep in the action.

An internal sound cavity system resonates the sound from iPhone or iPod speakers inside the GameHandle body and outputs the sound through vents on the back for an overall improved audio experience.


Testing and Conclusion:

In order to test the game handle I decided to test it with a number of games both reliant on the accelerometer and the touch interface. When it comes to the accelerometer for driving games it is a 100% win but for games like 3d maze it is a little easier going “naked” than sing the gaming grip. For games that rely on the touch interface I would say it is much nicer to use the game handle. Having that extra bit of grip takes the stress out of playing games on your iPhone.

Over all I was very impressed the gaming experience was phenomenal and even the sound improved due to the design of the handles speaker ports. I do however have to say I wish the earphones port was accessible and also the volume control; other than those to faux pas it was a great seamless design.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, for $20 you can’t beat the price it is very well made and extremely light weight I have paid more than $20 for iPhone cases so this is naturally a no brainer. If you game, and love doing it on your iPhone….BUY ONE!


  • Light Weight
  • Price
  • Anti Sweat Grip
  • Seamless
  • Better Sound


  • Earphone Port and Volume not Accessible


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