Tunewear Tunesonic Crystal In-Ear Headphones Review

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ZobsU-Elgf_rDM:http://tunewear.com/img/product-img/tunesonic-crystal-with-mic/001.jpgBling bling!  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade then you’ve no doubt used that word. Wether your a rapper, a lawyer, or a student; everyone appreciates some bling in their life. Well, maybe not everyone, but one thing that everyone DOES like is great sounding headphones. Tunewear cater’s to both of these preferences and have made some great sounding flashy headphones. Let’s see how we liked them over here at the HQ

Product by: Tunewear

Price: $49.95


    •    TUNESONIC CRYSTAL with Mic & Control earphones
    •    Silicone ear tips (sizes: SS, S, M, L)
    •    iPhone 3GS/3G (calls, remote control functions)
    •    iPod classic 160GB, 2009 model (voice memo, remote control functions)
    •    iPod touch 2G (voice memo, remote control functions)
    •    iPod nano 5G, iPod nano 4G (voice memo, remote control functions)
    •    Other iPod models and MP3 players (audio support only)
    •    Chrome Silver
    •    Crystal Pink

    •    Earphone type: in-ear
    •    Speaker driver: 9mm neodymium rare-earth magnet
    •    Sensitivity: 89±3dB/1mW
    •    Impedance: 16Ω
    •    Rated input: 2mW
    •    Max input: 5mW
    •    Frequency response: 100Hz – 20,000Hz
    •    Body material: Aluminum
    •    Plug: 24k gold plated 3.5mm stereo mini-jack
    •    Cable length: approximately 110cm (length from the Y-connector is approximately 35cm)
    •    Weight: approximately 15g



Tunewear’s Tunesonic Crystal are a great pair or in-ear headphones. They’re made out of great materials all-around. The sound quality can be a mixed bag. The high’s are creamy, the mid’s are beautifully defined, and the bass, while not bad, is certainly underwhelming. Deep, heavy bass is becoming a staple in most popular music now-a-days so it’s surprising that Tunewear didn’t put more thought into this area of the sound spectrum.

Overall I enjoyed the Tunesonic Crystal’s very much. I was most impressed with the materials used on the product, they were incredibly impressive. The mids and highs are also comparable to that of a much more expensive pair of headphones. But alas, the bass is similar to that of headphones half the price. So wether or not you want these really depends on how much you value your bass.

    •    Great design all around
    •    Great mids and highs
    •    Diamond may be too bold or girly for some
    •    Underwhelming bass

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