Tunewear Tunewallet For iPod Touch Review

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:lCuXXikOcl9ZJM:http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/%400_mall/elpelp/cabinet/tunewallet/tun-ip-300030.jpgYour pockets are getting full, between your id, debit cards, car keys, house keys, cell phone, and pack of gum there is little room left for your iPod Touch. Tunewear has noticed a need and the decided to fill it. What if your wallet and your iPod touch case were one and the same? This is exactly what the Tunewallet from Tunewear is, everything you hold dear all in one snazzy package. Let’s get a good look at this snazzy little invention for making your life easier.

Provided by: Tunewear

Price: $24.95

Closer Look:





Specifications and Features:

 Package contents:
・TUNEWALLET for iPod touch x 1

・TUNEFILM protective film x 1
・Cleaning cloth x 1

Size: 68(W) x 117(H) x 20(D)mm (when case is closed)

Weight: approximately 40g

Materials: PU leather

・iPod touch 1G

・iPod touch 2G

Available colors





So in a world of disorder there is a shining ray of hope ok that was a bit convoluted there but to be honest the Tune wallet is a great idea that is well executed. I like the Tunewear products we have seen so far, they are great products and built to last.

Would I recommend this product? Yup, it’s a good products with lots of extras for about the same cost as a regular wallet.


  • Screen protector
  • Multiple Colors
  • Cleaning Cloth


  • Needs a couple more Manly Colors

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