Plattan Headphone by Urbanears Review

Headphone companies are popping up everywhere.  So many cell phones and mp3 devices are coming up we want cool headphones.  Headphones for more than music, for answering our calls while listening to music.  Or what ever you are listening to while plugged in.  While many use earbuds, headphones are still popular.  They are said to be a little better for your ears, they certainly have bigger speakers.  They should sound better or fuller.  We have reviewed some intense earbuds.  Lets see how these measure up.

Provided by:   Urbanears

Price:  $60.00 amazon

Closer Look:


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To break them in I listen, listen, listen.  I tried them not with an iPhone but an LG Dare.  As far as the mic is concerned it can be off putting because you cannot hear yourself when you speak. The mouth piece works well and clear with no interference so at least for the person you are talking to it works the way it should.

We used them for music and muzak. I tested the range with a frequency tester.  It does as claimed the full range of hearing.  With the mid range it was a bit distorted.  The bass is not super duper but the sound is full in the mid.  Some Yo-Yo ma sounded pleasant and clear.  The top 40 was fine just not excellent bass response. 

As far as comfort goes they are smaller in the ear pad I have big ears so I may be bias but they are not too comfy for extended use as is most on ear designs for me personally.

The friend share jack is cool and it works well. The cloth braided cord is quality and the jacks are rubber coated.  They have a nice texture and an appealing look.


Overall sound quality was typical of the $60 price tag; these headphone were designed for multi-function not high performance audio and as such they did a great all around job.

Recommendations for these would be that at $60.00 there is a lot of competition.  They are stylish and colorful, so they will look cool on your head as you journey around the town.  The braided cloth cord is quality and the rubber coated plugs are nice.  I think they would make a nice gift for your favorite teen.  Audiophile people who have experienced better will be happy only with the mid range performance.  I would suggest to conclude; you buy these because they look cool or for the friend sharing “zound” jack. 


  • good sounding in line microphone
  • colors a plenty
  • braided cord
  • texture of headphones
  • stylish


  • smaller earphone better on smaller ears (round not oval like your ear)
  • not for audio enthusiasts.

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