Xshot 2.0 Monopod Self Filming Accessory Review

http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:gmF-4Dg2H3TawM:http://www.prweb.com/prfiles/2009/10/13/2287954/XShotiPhoneCasewithXShot2.0.jpgVlogging and group shots can be difficult without a designated cameraman; either you end up inconveniencing someone, paying, or doing a cheesy arm extended shot that we have all seen so many times. Xshot 2.0 is your answer for quality shots and professional video without the need of an extra pair of hands. This products philosophy is pretty sound, but let’s see how well it is built and if it is right for you:


Provided By: XshotPix

Price $29.95

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:


Durable Metal Shaft
Extends to 37” / 94 cm
Closes to 9” / 22.9 cm
Fits all compact cameras
Fits easily in pocket
New support for heavier cameras
New variable length positioning
XShot Weight: 5 oz (142g)
Extends to: 37″ / 94 cm
Closes to: 9″ / 22.9 cm
Max Camera Weight: 1.25 lb (570 g)
P / N: XS2379

Demo Movie:



I have seen a lot of useless gadgets in my lifetime boasting of life changing simplicity and I have been surprised by a product actually living up to these promises very few times. We are a consumer nation and we are bombarded with useless garbage on a daily basis. I for one am sick of it, that is why I am happy to say that the xshot isn’t a piece of utter trash like so many of its kind. Although it is very simplistic and the materials used are not top shelf products, the overall feel and function of the Xshot 2.0 is pretty well thought out. To be honest I was expecting a telescopic mono pod and nothing more but the balance and grip the monopod supports is a pleasant surprise. I wouldn’t be too afraid of hooking up an expensive camera up to it. Another nice bonus is that the angle in which you hold the camera steady’s your shot it almost works as a half decent Stedi-cam.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you are a myspacer or a vlogger this is a great product to get those cliché self portraits looking much more professional and videos a lot more clean and well produced so people take you more seriously.


  • Light Weight
  • Low Price
  • Compact
  • Could be used as a Quasi Stedi-Cam
  •  Firm Grip


  • None That I can Think Of

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