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http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:V7n917mPy_fZFM%3Ahttp://www.hitechreview.com/uploads/2009/07/Zeo-Personal-Sleep-Coach-2.jpgOne thing the majority of today’s population can agree on is their total and utter lack of quality sleep. Our diets, work schedules, and stress levels are affecting us in ways the previous generations never even imagined. There are a million products out there that profess better sleep; be it adjustable beds, memory foam, dream machines, and so even resort to over the counter and even prescription drugs. Most sleeping disorders can be treated with proper diets, sleep times, and quality sleep by training you body. This is the sweet spot where the Zeo Sleep Coach System finds itself in the market. Never before has there been an affordable sleep monitoring system that could give you a read out every morning of everything you body did (As far as sleep) throughout the night until now. Let’s get a closer look at the Zeo Sleep Coach, sleep monitoring system:

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Price: $249

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Specifications and Features:

Softwave Sensor Technology
Zeo Personal Sleep Coach Softwave technologyOur Company’s patent-pending, SoftWave sensor technology consists of three primary components: a headband, a bedside display, and sophisticated algorithms that enable precise and scientifically-validated sleep phase tracking. The ultra-light Zeo Headband – which is is made of soft, adjustable fabrics that stretch to fit various head shapes and sizes – rests comfortably on your forehead when sleeping and includes dry, hypoallergenic, silverized-fabric sensors that measure electrical activity naturally produced by the brain. As these signals are safely and passively collected, they are wirelessly transmitted to the Zeo Bedside Display for sleep phase data processing.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach Bedside DisplayBedside Display
Teaming up with a cast of seasoned electrical engineers, neuroscientists, and embedded software and product usability experts, Zeo has created a first-of-its-kind, sleep data display that sits on your nightstand.

Also referred to as a “smart alarm clock,” the Zeo Bedside Display uses algorithms and artificial intelligence software programs to track electrical activity in the brain to determine your sleep phases throughout the night. This includes length and depth of your sleep, awakenings, and a measure of a single night of sleep, called ZQ, which Zeo has created to help educate you about your Sleep Fitness. Learn more about how it works.

Web and Database Technology
Zeo Personal Sleep Coach sleep chartThe myZeo website offers sophisticated, web-based tools to present your sleep data and potential causal factors in clear and compelling ways. The website includes a personalized Sleep Profile, Journal, and a number of tools that let you analyze all aspects of your sleep. In addition, Zeo provides a sleep coaching command center where you can customize your 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program, review past steps and action plans, and decide to skip or pause any of the steps at any time you choose. Private and confidential storage of your personal sleep data is ensured.

Personalized Sleep Coaching Program
After years of reviewing published findings within the field of sleep science, as well as self-guided, behavioral modification techniques that span healthy lifestyle programs including weight loss, sports performance training and even smoking cessation, Zeo’s team of sleep psychology and software experts has helped us to create a proprietary, e-mail based program that we call the 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach coaching programOnly Zeo, with its unique sleep phase tracking technology, provides custom-fit recommendations and strategies to help you achieve Sleep Fitness. The Zeo program helps you measure your progress, and can show you lifestyle impacts on your sleep that have never before been available to consumers in their own homes. Find out more about The 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program.

SmartWake™ Alarm
With our optional SmartWake alarm feature, our SoftWave sensors search to find what could be a “natural awakening point” – when it could be a little easier to get out of bed in the morning. SmartWake will look for a moment when you transition into and out of REM sleep when the brain is highly active, a moment Zeo is uniquely able to find since it detects all phases of sleep. The result may be a slightly easier way to wake up. Zeo will awaken you as early as a half-hour before your set wake-up time, and SmartWake will never wake you later than your set wake-up time.

Zeo also features a standard wake-up alarm feature, which is like a normal alarm clock and will wake you at the exact time you set the alarm.



I tested the Zeo for several nights the first night I did a standard weekend nights sleep. Usually I go to bed around 1 or 2 ish and wake up around 8ish. I knew my “ZQ” (sleep IQ) would be pretty bad. The next morning I registered a ZQ of 68 (half expected) and I woke up 3 times. The reason being is that I slept the afternoon of that day for like 2 hours (worked hard after getting back from CES). The next night I stayed up even later and got up even earlier I was a sleep retard, pardon my Politically incorrectness but if I had an IQ of 48 like my ZQ was that night I would be the most mentally challenged person you have ever met. I paid dearly for my ZQ48 I was barley able to function let alone focus. Last night I made up for it all I went to bed at a decent hour and slept until around 9 which gave me a nice rounded ZQ of 98 and I feel great today.

So now that I have completely ruined my sleep cycle for the sake of the site I will say this: the Zeo is bang on. It registered every time I woke up, how long I was awake for, and how long it took me to fall asleep. I have to admit a consumer products based on monitoring sleep cycles was a bit farfetched for me at the beginning but I was happily proven wrong. The Zeo is a great product and really had me focusing on what I can do myself to improve my ZQ score. Naturally being a guy I am quite competitive even when the opponent is me so I will continuously be trying to defeat my high score which for once will benefit me in the long run.


I would have to say the ZEO is one of my personal favourites from CES this year. The thought of having a full sleep task force working for me in one tiny box is a fantastic selling point. I never thought when the rep was pitching this to me at first that this product would truly live up to all the hype, but it did, and then some.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, normally at this point I would specify which demographic this would suit the best and which specific niche market this would appeal to, but for once I will say this: EVERYONE could use one of these (ok ok maybe not people that are narcoleptic but almost everyone else)


  • Does what it is Supposed to
  • Great Wake up Features
  • Incredible accuracy for a Consumer Product
  • Moderately Price for Most Budgets


  • SD Card was Faulty out of the box
  • Kept Waking me up for Work (joke)


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