Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure Review

Desktop space is at a premium these days, I am actually speaking in digital and true to life terms. While more space on your computer is a must, also more space on the top of your desk is nice as well. The first external hard drives that came out were huge and cumbersome beasts that anchored your desk down enough to protect it from gale-force winds. Today however the designs have become more sleek and compact. What if I told you that I found a sleek and compact dual drive enclosure? Well, that is exactly what the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure is. Although it is larger than some of the tiny 2.5 HDD enclosures on the market and a lot of the newer 3.5 HDD enclosures, it is still by far, much smaller than the first HDD enclosures that came on the market.  Now let’s see if this product is good for you:

Product provided by: Eagle Tech

Closer Look:

The packaging of the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure is very well designed. One major point I would like to make about this product’s packaging is that it has the “window” I always talk about. A window is very important in my opinion when I am buying something, I am the type that if it doesn’t have a window on the side, I pop open the packaging in the middle of the store. I do not care about the dirty looks from the employees, if I am buying something I want to see it first. The window in this case is shaped like an eagle’s head which blends into the over all design and theme making it a plus to the packaging design.



The overall design of the product itself is simple but the contrast of the black and orange mixed with the blue/red LED really make this enclosure stand out. The addition of an exhaust fan adds tremendously to the overall appeal if the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure. The one-touch backup feature at the back is a great bonus but I would prefer to see it integrated into the front somehow, even perhaps using the round LED window as a button for this option.


Included in the packaging is everything you need to get started: power and USB cables, driver disk, and changeable faceplate. I especially like the changeable faceplate option because computers have come a long way from the old white box days and “pimping” out your PC means accessorizing everything including your HDD enclosure.


Normally at this point, there would be a closer look at the software but we have already done a review of the same software on our Kingwin Ez-dock review. So click the link to review the information and screenshots. Now it is time to jump into the specs and features and see what’s under the hood:
• Type: External drive enclosure

• Form Factor: 2.5”/3.5”

• Hard Drive Compatibility: 320GB

• Internal Interface: SATA I/II

• External Interface: Hi-speed USB 2.0 and eSATA

• Data Transfer Rate: 480Mbps and 3.0Gbps

• Power Source: USB or eSATA powered

• Power Input: 5V DC

• Certification: FCC, CE Certified and RoHS compliant

• O.S. Required: Microsoft Win98SE/Vista/ME/2000/XP Mac OS 9.0 or higher Linux

• Dimension: 5.1 x 3.2 x 0.7 inch

• Weight: 0.9 lbs



• Two-in-one storage solution

• 2.5” solid aluminum enclosure

• 3.5” plastic docking station

• Tool-less, hot-swappable and dockable

• Just snap-in your drive and it is ready for use

• Patented F.I.T. (Fast Installation Technology)

• Plug-n-Play via USB 2.0

• 3.0Gbps eSATA

• Usage: Stay mobile and synchronized at multiple locations



Tired of keeping multiple copies of the same data across different PCs and notebooks? All you need is this 2.5” drive enclosure while on the road, and the 3.5” docking station while at home or office. This two-in-one storage solution is ideal for road warriors who need to stay highly mobile and synchronized at multiple locations.

Now it is time for the testing to see how well the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure stacks up against the competition:

Testing Setup: 

  • Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q9450
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6
  • Memory: OCZ SLI Ready 2 x 2GB
  • Video Card: Nvidia 260 GTX
  • Power Supply: Mushkin 800w Modular Power Supply
  • Hard Drive: Seagate 750GB SATA
  • Optical Drive: LG DVD-RW
  • OS: Windows Vista Ultimate
In order to test the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure, I will be using the popular hard drive benchmarking software called HD Tune. I will also be running a time trial transfer rate on a 10MB, 100MB, and 500MB file. In order to see how well the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure is made, I will be testing it against 2 other enclosures: the Thermaltake Vi-on and the Kingwin EZ-Dock Hard Drive Docking Station. Do to the fact the Consus is not eSATA compatible there will not be an eSATA testing portion.

 HD Tune USB


Kingwin EZ-Dock

Thermaltake Vi-on

Eagle Consus

Average Transfer Rate in MBs




Access Times in MBs




Burst Rate in MBs




CPU Usage






File Transfer (Measured in Seconds)


Kingwin EZ-Dock

Thermaltake Vi-on

Eagle Consus














From this, we can see that the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure did just as well as the other two enclosures, and in a few cases beat them. The purpose of these tests is to see if the enclosures fail more so than surpass all the others. Due to the fact, the same drive was used (320GB Seagate) and the basic components are the same there shouldn’t be a difference between one enclosure to the next unless something in the circuit’s design is impeding the USB bandwidth. Let’s see the final verdict on this enclosure:


Overall the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure did incredibly well, the software used is fantastic, and the speeds through USB are nothing to be ashamed of. I love the sleek design but even more important is the fact it was the only aluminum-bodied enclosure tested. This means that the Eagle Tech Consus Dual Bay JBOD Enclosure is not only more durable but also keeps your HDD a lot cooler than any other enclosure. Top that off with the addition of a fan and the longevity of your HDD multiplies a hundredfold. I was very impressed with this enclosure and can’t wait to see the improvements Eagle Tech adds to its next attempt at this type of enclosure.

Now the important part: would I give it my recommendation? Yes, it did well in the testing and also offered the one-button back up the Ez-dock did. While I wish it had eSATA I understand that the technology isn’t there yet for the controller board to make your pc recognize 2 drives as one lump of HDD space. Until that day comes this unit is your best bet. I recommend this type of enclosure to mediaphiles that love their extra space for movies and music. I also recommend this type for anyone that likes to have the same colors for all of their PC-based peripherals.


  • Price
  • Aluminum(Durable and Great for Cooling)
  • Allows Two HDD’s to be Combined
  • Software Simplicity
  • One-Touch Backup
  • Overall Design (Blue LED’s I like Blue!)
  • Packaging Window


  • Wire Running to the LED Gets in the way Sometimes
  • Multiple Screws to get the Drives in and out
  • Not eSATA Compatible (yet)






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