Eye Fi Explore Video 4GB SDHC Review

Technology, we love technology.  Hence we have the endless promises of manufacturers with new time saving hassle free devices.  The topic of this review is wireless SDHC.  We went to SD cards then to High Compression SD now we have wireless SDHC.  Do we have yet another time saving piece of technology?  Will this SDHC product from Eye Fi Inc provide the promised no cables, no hassle, video and image uploading experience?  This is why we do what we do, provide technology reviews.  We look, we read, we use, we enjoy, or we cry in agony.  We will see if we have these promises fulfilled by our manufacturers.  On with it then; do we have a promise fulfilled with this new wireless SD experience?  Read on folks…

Provided by: Eye-Fi Inc.

Price: $99.00

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

•4GB memory. Store up to 2,000 photos or 90mn of video, just like with your existing SDHC card.

•Wireless. Upload JPEG photos & videos through your home Wi-Fi networks and more. (add up to 32 networks)

•HotSpot Access. Upload on-the-go through one of 10,000 HotSpots, including McDonald’s, airports, hotels and more. (1 year included, $14.99/year renewal option thereafter)

•Geotagging. Lifetime, automatic Geotagging service helps you organize and share photos. View, search and share your latest trips on a map.

 •Automatic back-up. Wirelessly upload JPEG photos and videos to folders of your choice on your computer, or even directly into iPhoto for Macs.

•Compatible.No need to buy a new camera. Check here to see if your camera can be turned into a wireless uploading machine.

•Effortless sharing. Wirelessly send your JPEG photos and videos to a popular website. See the complete list you can choose from, which includes Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, MobileMe, and YouTube.

•Pick your pics. You can select which photos and videos upload from your camera.

•Organized. Photos and videos can automatically be stored in date-based folders, so memories are organized effortlessly.

•Get notified Get email, Facebook, text message* or Twitter alerts when your photos are uploading online.

Eye-Fi Home Video, Eye-Fi Share Video, Eye-Fi Explore Video and the Eye-Fi Pro cards all support wireless video uploads to YouTube, Flickr, SmugMug, Picasa Web, Phanfare and Photobucket. In order for photos or videos to be uploaded wirelessly from these cards, your camera must save the photo or video file in the DCIM folder on your Eye-Fi Card.

In order for a video file to be wirelessly uploaded by an Eye-Fi Video Card it must:

be in the the DCIM folder or one if its sub-folders
be less than 2GB in size
be one of the listed supported formats below
Extension Format Description
mpg MPEG
mov Quicktime
flv Flash Video
wmv Windows Media
avi Audio Video Interleave
mp4 MPEG-4

Note: Eye-Fi cards do not support video uploads from AVCHD based cameras and camcorders. Please check your camcorder or camera owner’s manual for details about where how and where video files are recorded.


Installation first was fairly easy.  I had a minor issue.  The provided USB installation device did not fit the front of my case.  I have recessed USB ports so I had to remove the plastic cover for the device to fit.  You only need this for initial installation so it was not a big deal.  Alas it is my duty to give the full testing details.

Step two you have to allow it to access your router, entering the password etc. Step three you register your email account and such for the web based application to run online.  You utilize a web based downloading tools etc. page.  Which is fine but this is the only access to the settings such as where to save the files on your pc.  I suppose this is ok since this is a one time set up.  Afterward you need only have the router on and your photos are zipped directly to your pc.

Oh and how..  I mean zipped.  I took a photo which I will insert below.  If you notice its 99% complete in downloading a super high def. photo before the shutter snaps.  That is convenient!  Talk about technology speeding up your life!  Hassle free, cable free, as promised.  Such is so with this Eye Fi SDHC.

Before I get on too far.  Take note of the video formats listed above.  The card would not work in one of my digital cameras nor in my pro-consumer video camera.  Just a caution to look before you buy here is a link http://support.eye.fi/eye-fi-setup/uploading-photos/upload-video/which-video-formats-do-eye-fi-video-cards-upload/ where you can look at camera compatibility.

Eye Fi Explore offers geotagging which refers to the process of adding geographic location data, latitude and longitude coordinates as well as city and state details, to photos you take with your camera and Eye-Fi Explore Card.  This process is specific to each site you up load your photos to.  On the web based control panel you choose settings.  Then note the screen shot below.  Where you add online sites.  After which your third step or C is to save.


B 4 Click on the Add Another Photo Service icon or if you already have a Photo Service active and want to remove it, click the Remove link under Photo Service that you want to delete
B 5 Click on the desired Photo Service icon that you want to Add
B 6 Follow the onscreen instruction to either create a new account or enter your log-in information for an existing account


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