LiteON eNau608 Personalized DVD and CD External USB 8x Slim Writer Review

In today’s world where external data storage is so cheap and getting cheaper still many people don’t use discs as storage anymore. There are other reasons to have a hard read only copy of data: No one can delete a burned disc, it is cheaper to mail out a disk than to ship out your external HDD or pay for hosting. The LiteON eNau608 Personalized DVD and CD External USB 8x Slim Writer does more than just burn you a DVD or CD it also has two very well designed labeling features you wont find in most burners, couple this with the fact that this is a USB external device and you have a winning combo capable of turning your netbook into a full fledged notebook. Let us examine LiteOn’s new External Slim DVD/CD writer to see if it can be what you need it to be when you are dealing with DVD and CD burning.

Provided by: LiteOn
Price: $59.07


Closer Look:

Features and Specifications:


  • Ultra lightweight and slim
  • USB powered: no power adapter needed
  • Personalized drive with preprinted interchangeable top cover inserts, or design your own
  • Support LabelTag: conveniently create circular label on data side of disc without using special media
  • Support LightScribe direct disc labeling technology
  • SMART-BURN™(*1) avoids Buffer Under Run error, automatically adjusting writing strategy & running OPC to provide the best burning quality
  • SMART-X™(*2) function adjusts CD-DA / VCD / DVD data extraction to a fastest allowable speed according to both data request rate from host and disc quality
  • Plug & Play, and emergency manual eject function
  • Supports DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R DL / DVD-R DL / DVD-RAM / DVD-ROM / CD-R / CD-RW / CD-ROM format
  • Support both 8cm and 12cm discs of CD and DVD family
  • Support Fixed packet, Variable packet, Disc-at-once, Session-at-once and Track-at-once
  • DVD read compliant: DVD single/dual layer (PTP/OTP), DVD-R (3.9GB/4.7GB), DVD-R multi-borders, DVD-RAM, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, DVD+R DL, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW
  • CD read compliant: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, Photo-CD, Multi-session, Video-CD, CD-I FMV, CD Extra, CD Plus, CD-R, and CD-RW
  • Conform to Orange Book: Part 2 CD-R Volume 1, Part 2 CD-R Volume 2 Multi Speed, Part 3 CD-RW Volume 1 (known as Low Speed), Part 3 CD-RW Volume 2: High Speed, Part 3 CD-RW Volume 3: Ultra Speed
Speed DVD Family

DVD+/-R     8X maximum
DVD+R DL   6X maximum
DVD-RAM    5X maximum

CD Family


 PC Requirements Pentium-4 1.3 GHz or higher CPU and 256MB or higher RAM are required
HDD must have up to 1GB free space for software installation, and for creating a CD image file,
up to 10GB free space for creating a DVD image file (10GB for double layer; 5GB for single layer)
USB2.0 Port required (a second USB2.0 port maybe need for additional power)
 Buffer Size 2MB(Max)
 Compatibility MS-Windows® 7, Vista or XP or later versions
 MTBF (Life) 60,000 POH
 General Dimension


5.5 (W) x 5.2 (D) x 0.7 (H) inch




< 0.7 lb


Overall it performed very well. Write speeds were about average. The LightScribe and LabelTag looked good. LiteOn did bundle the external burner with Nero essentials which is good since you need it to use the LabelTag feature. I always like it when peripherals are powered through USB and LiteOn pleased me in this regard. Having to find an empty power socket is the worst.

In terms of aesthetics it looks good, it’s sleek black finish and a customizable insert means I certainly would not be embarrassed to carry it around with me. This guy weighs in at around 0.7lbs which means it easily could fit in a laptop bag and you would hardly notice it.

So would I recommend this product? Yes I would. I could see myself using it on trips to burn pictures or video clips then adding a nice cover to it using one of the pictures I took. So if you are someone who does the occasional burning and would like to use LabelTag and LightScribe to make it look nice this would be an ideal product for you.


  • LightScribe
  • LabelTag
  • Changeable colorful inserts included
  • user designable inserts (software included)
  • Good write times
  • Powered through USB
  • Lightweight


  • None so far



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