Patriot Javelin S4 NAS Server Review is a very important commodity these days and having a back up with some redundancy is not just convenient but a necessity. NAS storage has been around a few years now and it does a great job, the problem we are running into lately is that drive sizes are increasing and the old NAS you have in the corner of your office doesn’t support it. Add to that the fact that the software and firmware haven’t been updated….ever you find yourself wanting, or needing features that are just not possible. This is where the people at Patriot saw a need; you don’t just need something to hold files, you need a product with some intelligence, multiple user access and some serious features on the web side. The Javelin S4 NAS is more than just another hard drive enclosure and we are going to show you why:


Provided by: Patriot

Price: $399.99

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Consolidate your digital media into a single storage location with the Patriot Memory Javelin S4 Media Server. The Javelin S4 is the perfect media server to safely store and distribute all of your digital audio, video and images media via your home network or across the Internet to friends and family. Form and function is what makes the Javelin S4 the perfect digital media hub. With room to accommodate four 3.5-inch hard drives and additional external expansion via USB 2.0 and eSATA ports, the Javelin S4 can pack up to 12TB of storage capacity into a small form factor chassis. A customized operating system delivers superior serving capabilities to the Javelin S4. Integrated DLNA-compatible streaming, Apple® iTunes® server, Squeezebox Server and UPnP capabilities enable the Javelin S4 to seamless connect to PC, Mac and home electronics devices such as the Patriot Box Office and network-connected televisions and Blu-ray players.

  • 4 x 3.5-inch bays
  • Print server capable
  • iTunes® server capable
  • Logitech® Squeezeboxâ?¢ Server capable
  • TimeMachine® compatible
  • Integrated BitTorrent client
  • UPnPâ?¢ compatible
  • DLNA® Certified
  • Web based in-browser playback (access from any PC or Mac)
  • Facebook Upload
  • Mobile media playback (Android/iOS app)
  • Multiple user management
  • One Touch Backup
  • RAID 1, 0, 10, 5, JBOD
  • Full feature back up utility software (Acronis)


I have used a lot of NAS storage, I always found myself wanting more and to be honest I usually sold off the NAS and build a Linux box to run my NAS needs. I never had php admin I never had itunes support they were always over priced hard drive holder. For the same price I could build a better faster Linux box. Well the s4 Javelin is still pricy once you add drives but it does everything I need it to and uses a lot less power. I also use it in place of some of the other computers on my network. If I have to download and iso files for Linux or have major patches that need to be downloaded I use the Javelin instead and shut down the PC’s I would normally leave on for the weekend. This is a great product with very intuitive software. Even the most basic of users could take one of these and within about 15 minutes figure out how to set up a network and add a few users with restricted privileges. If I was the brain behind this project at Patriot I would feel pretty proud of myself about now. This is a great product with some very impressive features.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, and to be honest I would recommend it to just about anyone. If you can work through setting up a raid 10 you will have the speed of stripping with the redundancies of a mirrored hard drive which means you can back up all of your important documents, music, family pictures, and software and easily retrieve it if something happens to your computer. Also you have the ability to setup an ftp client which means you can access your data from anywhere. The price tag may be scary at first for some but to be honest you will get your monies worth in short order with this products it is built very well and it is easy to use.


  • FTP
  • PHP Admin
  • Fast
  • RAID 10!
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Smart in Every way Possible


  • Little Pricy for Some


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