Akasa Everest Laptop Cooling Station Review

Notebooks, Laptops, Macbooks all flat portable and powerful.  With all that power comes heat.  Especially when watching movies or tv shows as we often do with our portable devices.  As well when traveling and working on your laptop it is a good idea to have it elevated at an appropriate angle.  It relieves some wrist strain and helps with good posture.  No hunching over your keyboard.  We have another manufacturer Akasa, we are taking a look at the Everest.  Cool name is the laptop cooler on top of Everest?  Are Everest’s ergonomics appropriate?  Why not read on and see what we found…


Product by: Akasa

Price: $90.00



Closer Look:


• Ergonomic design with six different height settings offers best in comfort and productivity. Minimize the pain and strain experienced from heavy use of notebook
• metal mesh surface for great cooling performance and stylish design
  2   70 mm fans with ventilation at bottom for exceptional cooling performance
• Fan speed control 1500-2000rpm
• Anti-slip design to keep notebook steady during use
• Compatible with most 15” notebook size including widescreen
• Unique design of the back structure allows excellent intake at bottom side and convenient usage anywhere, on sofa or in bed, without blocking airflow
Outline dimension 350 x 335 x 55 mm
Fans dimension 70 x 70 x 15mm
Fan speed 1500 – 2000 R.P.M.
Fan control Manual speed dial
Hub Four port USB 2.0
Cable 600 mm USB Y cable
Rated voltage DC 5V
Weight 1800g

This unit has two output USB plugs.  One runs the fan and the mini USB runs the four port USB station with the 5v DC plug. 

For this review I am over course utilizing my laptop with the cooler plugged into the USB.  For ergonomics this Akasa Everest does create a comfortable typing position. The six levels are helpful, albeit it is a tad high for me even on the lowest elevation.  It is holding the laptop steady and no slipping is evident.  The bottom lip keeps the unit in place. It does cover my mic and headphone jacks.  They may not be on the front of your laptop but they are on mine.  I have been testing my laptop with and without the Akasa Everest and noting the temperatures on SpeedFan. For this review I even compared the specs with prior reviews.  It holds up well, you can look at our others on the site.

High CPU load:

Off the Akasa Everest    On the Akasa Everest at Full RPM
HDD  31C                     HDD  30C  
Temp 1  30C                Temp 1  34C
Core  47C                     Core  34C

Low CPU load:

Off the Akasa Everest   On the Akasa Everest at Full RPM
HDD  31C                    HDD  28C  
Temp 1  30C               Temp 1  34C
Core  38C                    Core  38C



Fine product with ergonomic design, it is practical and stylish.  It is a tad heavy and clumsy to carry around.  I appreciate the silent or low rpm mode for those times you need to be quiet.  When you crank it up to 2000rpm you can’t even notice the fan running.  Hence it is super quiet and well built. The temperature decrease is noticeable and it cools the CPU to a save range.  I would recommend this product to anyone without hesitation.


  • Comfortable on the lap
  • Quiet 
  • Stylish
  • 4 USB port plus 5v power jack  and power on off if you rather not have the fan running
  • Steel top


  • A tad tall
  • Heavier than I like

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