Booq Mamba Sling Laptop bag and Python Skin M Sleeve Reviews offices are becoming a necessity in this economical climate. There is no such thing as large expense accounts anymore. Sometimes even getting a Hotel with Wifi in it can be hard so for the on the go consultant running your business out of the public library or in a coffee shop when you are on the road is the only choice. Also being a student sometimes being able to afford internet on top of tuition is a bit out of reach. If you nodded your head to whether of these situations or perhaps have a situation of your own where you need to tote you laptop along with you where ever you go then you are in need of a good way to get things from point A to Point B. The designers at Booq gave us to choices to investigate, today we will be checking out the Booq Mamba Sling Laptop bag and Python Skin M Sleeve. Let’s see if these are right for you:

Provided by: Booq


Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Mamba Sling:

The lightweight Mamba Sling provides ample room while protecting your MacBook or PC laptop in style. By design, Mamba Sling is elegant and sporty with its boldly-colored interior. Its casual yet professional look, impeccable finish and convenient layout is why Mamba Sling is a great MacBook bag for your life, and your life at work.

• Overall Capacity: Room for file folders, books, or other larger items within the main compartment and a place for all of your accessories in the front compartment.
• Main compartment: One large zippered pocket, 6 mesh accessory pockets of different sizes, and 2 large open pockets perfect for documents.
• Laptop Compartment: Dedicated compartment protects your laptop from impact, scratches, and excessive wear, while removable padded inserts allow you to find the perfect fit.
• Exterior Pockets: -Two zippered exterior side pockets provide room for tall items, along with a mesh pocket inside for compact items. -Front and back panels have large, open pockets for easy access – perfect for a newspaper.
• Fabric: 420D polyester with water-resistant coating and diagonal ribbed texture provides durability while being silky smooth, used inside and out.
• Laptop Compartment: Half an inch of high-density foam padding and a scratch resistant lining protect your laptop.
• Strap: Integrated strap with breathable mesh underside, 1-inch webbing and custom buckle with booq logo – allows for up to 9-inch adjustment, for the most comfortable fit.
• Pocket Fabric: Fine-gauge mesh Lycra with elastic edging – expands as needed, holding your accessories securely.
• Hardware: Heavy-duty YKK zippers with custom booq logo zipper pulls.


Python Skin M:

Python skin adds rugged style and functional protection to your MacBook or MacBook Pro. Wrapped in a genuine denim fabric that will age gracefully as well as a thick layer of dense neoprene that offers some impact protection, the MacBook Pro sleeve’s interior is lined in a soft fabric that keeps the finish of your laptop the way you like it. Neoprene corner pieces hug the four corners of your laptop, adding additional protection where it is needed most and allowing you to open and close your laptop while the sleeve remains attached. Of course, each Python skin MacBook Pro sleeve is equipped with a premium, long-lasting YKK zipper.

  • Thick neoprene adds rugged protection
  • High-performance YKK zipper with two zipper pulls for added convenience.
  • soft fabric that keeps the finish of your laptop the way you like it
  • open and close your laptop while the sleeve remains attached
  • Jersey trim provides a barrier between the zipper and the interior of the sleeve.
  • Wrapped in a genuine denim fabric that will age gracefully
  • Limited 5-year Warranty.

Fits                        MacBook Pro 15-inch
Max Laptop Size    14.35″x9.82″x.95″ (364x249x24mm)
Exterior                 15.35×10.82×1.45 (390x275x37mm)
Weight                  0.65 lb (0.3 kg)


For my personal needs the Booq Mamba Sling is much more practical choice because I always have a ton of, we’ll call it “useless crap” that I can’t be without when I am at a show or on the road. For the urbanite that writes in his blog at the coffee shop around the corner, the Python Sleeve is a practical way to bring your *cough* overpriced *cough* Macbook Pro in public places without worrying about it too much. I must say the quality of each of these products is very impressive this is not your average cheapy Walmart grade $15 laptop bag here. These products are both made very well and I have a feeling if you buy one today you will still have it kicking around when laptops start resembling something you plug into your cerebral cortex, but hey maybe you will still have some useless crap kicking around like me that you have to bring with you in which case you will probably wish you had gotten the Mamba instead of the Sleeve but I digress.

Would I recommend these products? Yes but with some recommendations: if you tend to bring your charger, a camera, external mouse and keyboard then I definitely don’t recommend getting the Sleeve where as if you are confident in your Macbook pro’s battery life and just want something to both protect and tone down the sterile white look of your Macbook pro and give it some character befitting someone with artistic expression then the Python is a great choice.


  • Both are great choices for Toting Your Notebook Around
  • Decent Price to Quality Ratio
  • Mamba: Incredible Storage in a Small Package
  • Great Designs
  • Easy to Pick out in a Crowed


  • Sleeve Needs At Least one Pocket In my Opinion
  • Sleeve Could Use a Handle Circumstances Don’t Always Allow for under Arm Carrying

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