Cooler Master SNA 95 Notebook Charger Review

One of the biggest problems with laptops since they started making them is the need for a brand specific charge cable. Finding after market cables to replace lost or damaged cables can often be a choir and usually ends up costing a lot more then you planed on paying. The people at Cooler Master saw a need and they filled it with the new SNA 95 Slim Notebook Adapter. Not only can you charge multiple laptop types but you can also charge USB devices as well. Couple these great features with a slim and mobile design and Cooler master has a clear winner. Let’s check it out closer:


Provided by: Cooler Master

Price: $58.10


Closer Look:


Specifications and Features:
    • Unique H-shape reel base for cable management and dustproof function.
  • Slim-shaped, light, and easy to carry.
  • USB port supports most USB charging devices.
  • LED indicator: white for power-on, blue for USB-charger.
  • Delicate surface pattern and texture.
  • 9 different tips compatible with most laptops.
  • The highest 95W power density with a small dimension.
9 different tips for universal application Detachable H-shape reel base for convenient use and easy cable management
A storage bag to pack the adapter and power cable Blue LED: USB charger
White LED: Power on All accessories bundle in the package


Model RP-095-D19A-A1
Input Voltage 100-240Vac full range
Input Frequency Range 50-60 Hz
Output Rating 18 ~ 20Vdc / 19Vdc?4.74A
4.75 ~ 5.25Vdc / 5Vdc?1A
Output Power Total 95W / Peak 150W
LED Indicator White LED for power on
White LED flickers for OCP/OPP/SCP
Blue LED for USB charge
Operation Temperature 5 ~ 40°C
Efficiency Up to 90%
Dimension 75 x 17 x 145 mm ; 2.9 x 0.7 x 5.7 inches
Protection OVP/ OTP / OCP / OPP / SCP
UPC Code 884102004506
I tested the SNA 95 on both my acer netbook and laptop and found it to work without hiccup. There was no overheating issue with the power supply itself and no smoke came from either of them which is always a plus. Normally with most chargers I find that they become quite hot after charging for an extended period of time but the SNA only remains warm to the touch and not overly so.

I also charged my MP3 player using the USB charger and it started the charging sequence right away with no issues to speak of. For the cost of this unit you get an amazing bargain you can literally charge almost everyone of your electronic devices with this one adapter. Another application I thought was great from this unit is the new Zotac Ion Motherboards. These itx motherboards can be powered by wither a standard power supply or a 90W external power supply cutting down on the overall footprint on your desktop by using a standards itx case.

Would I recommend this charger? Absolutely, I believe this is exactly what anyone that is tech savvy should have kicking around in a pinch. It provides everything you need to keep your electronics devices humming along at a sub $100 price tag which is always a pleasing bonus.

  • Price
  • Low Heat
  • Slim Design
  • Easy to Transport
  • Compatible With Almost Anything


  • Nada


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