CoolerMaster Notepal U2 Laptop Cooler times a consumer is faced with a dilemma. Looks or function. A product will either look very sleek and shiny and underperform, or look generic and get the job done proficiently.  Cooler Master has come along to make an entry level product that is not only  very nice to look at but also provides a great innovation in laptop cooling that I have never seen before and makes using your laptop a bit more comfortable.


Product by: CoolerMaster

Price: TBA

Closer Look:



  • Slim
    • Slim and light-weight design offers excellent portability.
  • Sturdy
    • Unique sturdy structure for long-term desktop use.
  • Protection & Storage
    • Great for protecting and storage.
    • Accommodates 14″-15″, up to 17″.
  • Ergonomic
    • Ergonomically design for comfortable viewing angle.
  • Cooling
    • Excellent convection design to prevent overheating.
  • Fans
    • 2 Removable 80mm fans.


Model R9-NBC-8PBK-GP (Black)
Dimension 343 x 266 x 58.6mm; 13.5” x 10.5” x 2.3”
Material Aluminum and Rubber
Weight 582g; 1.3lbs
Compatibility Supports all 14”-15” laptops and up to 17”
Fan Dimension 80 x 80 x 10mm (two fans included)
UPC Code 884102006180 (Black)





The Notepal U1 accomplishes three tasks. It looks great, gives you very precise cooling, and makes typing more comfortable and ergonomic. Though the adjustable fan feature will mainly be appreciated by tech guru’s who know exactly where their CPU and hard drive are located, anyone can appreciate the comfort that this cooler provides us with. My only complaint is that my wrist felt very awkward using the track pad at this angle- so it’s a bit of a trade off.

I recommend this product the everyone, I’m very impressed with both the design and innovative use of fans.

•    Aluminum construction is very cool
•    Makes typing on laptop much more comfortable
•    Acess to all ports, CD drives, etc.
•    Rubber pieces do a good job of holding things in place

•    Smaller Netbooks-13” laptops feel a bit awkward on cooler
•    Makes trackpad use a bit more difficult.


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