Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk Review

Have you ever wondered if there was another option other than just putting your uncomfortable laptop directly onto your lap? Or if there was some way to comfortably help your laptop dispersal of its heat while making it more ergonomic. From the wonderful people at Lapworks, we also have the honor of doing a test run of their Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk. While not being as light as their Ultralite model, it does have a more ridged build than I had hoped for. Now let’s take a closer Look at how this model stands up to some other similar products:

 Provided By: Lapworks

Closer Look:

The Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk comes in a clear plastic bag with a small description of some of its features. This model is a little heavier than the Ultralite Desk, and feels far more ridged in its build. This was something that I liked a lot more about the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk.  I felt a lot more secure in putting the laptop on this while it was propped open in one of its four ergonomic positions.

Something I really liked and forgot to mention while reviewing the Ultralite, is that they both have incredible anti-slip pads to reduce slipping of whatever you decide to put on it. When I say that it has good pads I mean that when I put down my keyboard, I sometimes rest it as about a 50° angle and it doesn’t budge an inch, and while playing some FPS’s it doesn’t slide around in my lap.


Now let’s take a look at the specs and features:


  • Completely spans the lap for mobile computing
  • Easily converts into a desktop typing stand
  • Creates five comfortable typing angles on desktop
  • Raises screen height 3-3/4″ closer to eye level
  • Open ventilation slots for cooling the notebook
  • Protects your lap from “Hot Lap”
  • Lightweight and thin design
  • 21″ long by 11″ wide opened flat
  • Fits easily into backpack of computer bag
  • Companion accessory the MouzPad for added mousng area


The Futura Laptop Desk is our most stylish unit with its fashion-forward design. This unit is extremely efficient at reducing the heat build-up in your notebook but it also improves your body posture and ergonomics. Imagine a product that’s not only good for you but good for your notebook.


In addition to the above, the Futura is a dual-purpose product. It’s a portable lap desk that completely spans your lap at 21″ long and it’s an ergonomic typing stand that inclines your notebook’s keyboard in quarter inch increments from 2-1/2″ up to 3-3/4″ for a total of five incline positions.

With the Futura unfolded on your lap, the 21″ long lap span allows your legs to relax naturally instead of having to squeeze them together to support your notebook. It has no-slip rubber pads on the top and bottom to grip your clothes and the notebook. These gripping rubber pads create a safe and secure platform on your lap.

An additional benefit of the Futura Laptop Desk is that it acts like a barrier between the notebook’s heat source and your lap. Have you heard the stories of people suffering third degree burns from overheated notebooks? They’re real! Our lap desks prevent the heat from attacking your lap and make mobile computing more pleaseurable without the discomfort.

The Futura has a companion accessory called the MouzPad. It’s a snap-on, snap-off extended mousing surface that extends the overall length of the Futura by 3″. Please click here to see the Futura MouzPad. It sells separately for $9.95 or when bundled with the Futura retails for $34.95.

With the Futura folded in half and set into one of the five incline positions on your desktop, your typing posture becomes less stressful. Your body is relaxed normally and you can work longer and be more productive.

On you lap or on your desktop, the 1/8″ tall rubber pads create a convection cell under your notebook that allows the hot air radiating from the bottom of your notebook to escape quickly and easily. The ventilation slots designed into the Futura allows cool air to rush in and reduce heat build-up. A team of engineering professors from California Polytechnic University, Pomona, California, concluded that the Futura reduces the heat build-up in notebook by up to 20%.

The Futura Laptop Desk is made form High Impact ABS material and with its set of heavy duty flexing hinges will last a very long time. The Futuras color is gun metal gray and opened flat measures 21″ long by 11″ wide by 3/8″ thick. Folded in half the Futura measures 11″ by 10-3/4″ by 1/2″ thick and weighs 1 lb 3 oz. or a total of 19 ounces.

Now let’s get to some testing:








To test the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk I will be putting it up against some similar devices. During the tests I will be looking at the temp of the hard drive, CPU, and GPU. The ambient temp in the room is 26°. To help jump the temp of the laptop I will be playing Universe At War: Earth Assault for about 15min to see what that does to the temps.







Xpad Slim

Idle HDD





Idle CPU





Idle GPU





Load HDD





Load CPU





Load GPU






From this we can see that the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk did quite well. It might have not done as well as the xpad, but it still did better than the Ultralite and did far superior to just putting it flat on a table. The Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk might not have lead the pack in cooling, but made up for this by being able to be more ergonomic with out threat of breaking and allowing your laptop to plummet to the floor.

For testing I will also talk about the detachable gamer quality Lapworks Mouzpads that were provided with our Gamers Desks. We were supplied with two versions, the Futura Mouzpad and the Max Mouzpad. I found these Mouse pads to be quite handy with the ability to quickly snap on and off the side of the Futura Gamers Desk. The Max Mouzpad can be spun around to fit the Ultralite desk as well, which is nice if you want like the features of the Ultralite more than the Futura. In the end I found that they are the same mouse pad, just different sizes, and both performed equally well. I liked the Futura Mouzpad because of its small, compact design I never found it to be too big. Personally I liked the Max Mouzpad more so, because of its large work surface, it can be equipped to multiple models, also the slots that it has at both ends to keep any loose mouse wires from becoming a hassle.  One thing I would suggest for future models of the Max Mouzpad is to make it a little more rigid. If you rest your hand on the edge it does bend a bit more than I would like.

Futura Mouzpad:


Max Mouzpad:



Now let’s get o my final thoughts:



While the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk might not have cooled the laptop as well as the xpad, I still found it to be more useful. The Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk can be propped open to make you laptop more ergonomic, or it can be put across the lap and be used for a multitude of devices. While it might not have been as light as the Ultralite Desk it is much sturdier and I didn’t fear that it was going to give out and drop the laptop.

Would I recommend this? Well, seeing that I forgot it at munk’s (aka Justin the admin) house for a few days and missed it, I guess I would have to yes I would. I found the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk to be quite rigid while proped open making a great place to set up the laptop while makeing it more ergonomic, while still being a great cooling system. I also found that the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk was a great place to set my keyboard for both play and work. While playing from my chair in front of my TV I found it was much more comfortable than just putting the keyboard across my lap. I would suggest this for people that either like to use their TV as a monitor or like to take their laptops with them everywhere they go. I would also suggest this as an idea for people that like to sit back at their desk with their feet up. While using the Lapworks Futura Gamers Desk I found it was much easier to sit back at my desk and not have to hunch over my keyboard like usual, which made work slightly less of an irritant.



  • Ridged making it a great place to put a laptop
  • Great for cooling said laptop
  • Has a multitude of uses
  • Compact
  • MultipleMouse Attachment Choices


  • Can’t Really Think of Any


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