Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk Review

Laptops are getting more and more popular these days, one of the main reasons laptops are so popular is because of their ease of use compared to lugging your desktop with you ever where you go. A massive drawback to laptops is that they get hot very easily and very fast. Now when you combine these two facts it was only a matter of time until a line-up of competing laptop coolers would show themselves on the market. The Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk is a step in the right direction. While being able to be used in a multitude of ways, this style of cooler proves to be compact and practical. Now let’s take a closer look at this product by clicking read more and see exactly how well it stacks up to other desk/laptop coolers in its class:


Provided by: Lapwoks

Closer Look:

I liked the packaging from the start because you can see the product and it is easy to get into. Something I didn’t like though was that it came in a giant zip-lock bag which seemed a little cheap, but the product is very reasonably priced and I would want to pay more for better packaging. Without letting something so trivial get me down, I remained excited about trying out the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk. As soon as I got the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk out of its packaging I soon noticed that it was true to its name and that it was incredibly light.



Something I liked about the product was that it was versatile and could be used in various ways. It can be used across your lap, or by using the built-in stand to set it to 5 different ergonomic positions for easier laptop use. An added bonus is that you can also purchase the Lapworks Max Mouzpad and attach a large gaming quality mouse pad onto the end of the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk.


Now let’s look at the specs and features:


  • Designed for notebooks weighing 5 Lbs. and under
  • Completely spans the lap for mobile computing
  • Easily converts into a desktop typing stand
  • Creates five comfortable typing angles
  • Raises screen height 3-3/4″ closer to eye level
  • Built-in ventilation channels for cooling
  • Protects your lap from “Hot Lap” affect
  • Lightweight and thin profile
  • 22″ long by 11″ wide opened flat
  • Fits easily into any backpack or computer bag


Great for lightweight and thin notebooks that weigh 5 lbs. and under, the ultra portable UltraLite Laptop Desk is the versatile alternative for notebook users who want to keep their computer bag thin and lightweight.


The Laptop Desk UltraLite is the thinnest and lightest portable desk anywhere. It’s perfect for traveling especially for Road Warriors. The UltraLite is a dual-purpose desk for your lap and a typing stand for your desktop. It weighs a mere 14 oz. and is designed for thin and light notebooks that weigh 5 Lbs. and under. Even though the UltraLite is thin, it’s still strong because it’s made from Polycarbonate plastic – the same material used to make bullet proof glass.

On your lap, the UltraLite has no slip rubber pad on top and bottom for gripping. It holds your notebook firmly on your lap and allows your legs to relax naturally. That’s because the UltraLite is 22” long and it spans you lap completely. This complete lap span improves your body ergonomics and allows you to type longer and be more productive. The rubber pads stand proud 1/8” over the surface of the UltraLite creating an air cell that allows hot air to escape.

As the hot air escapes, cool air rushes in to reduce heat build-up in your notebook by up to 10%.

An additional benefit of our laptop desks is that they act as a barrier between the heat source of your notebook and your lap. Most of you have heard the stories of people suffering burns from overheated notebooks. Our lap desks prevent the heat from attacking your lap and make working on your lap more of a pleasure than discomfort.

As a typing stand on your desktop, the UltraLite adjusts into 1 of 5 typing inclines to create the best typing angle for your particular needs. By inclining the keyboard, your arms relax by your side and your shoulders don’t tense. That’s because they aren’t supporting your arms away from your body to type on a flat keyboard. By allowing your body to sit is a more relaxed posture it improves the body ergonomics that lets you be more productive. The incline position on your desktop creates what the engineers call a “chimney effect” that expedites the escape of hot air allowing cool air to enter and reduce heat build-up in your notebook by up to 20%.

The portable and dual-purpose UltraLite Laptop Desk is made from High Impact Polycarbonate plastic and with its set of heavy-duty flexing hinges will last a very long time. The UltraLite color is gun metal gray. Unfolded on your lap, the ultra-portable UltraLite measures 22” long by 11” wide by ½” thin. Folded in half, the UltraLite measures 11” x 11” x 5/16” thin.


Now let’s get to the fun part and start the tests:

Test Setup:

Aspire® 7720

The Aspire® 7720 with the innovative Acer® Gemstone chassis is designed for demanding multimedia users and features a powerful Intel® dual-core processor.


For this, I will be running a burn-in program to see how hot this will get the laptop. I will compare the laptop’s temps both idle and load temps, both off and on of the various desks. Note: the Lapworks brand desks will be used in their propped open position, while the xpad has only one position.








Xpad Slim

Idle HDD





Idle CPU





Idle GPU





Load HDD





Load CPU





Load GPU







So from the tests, we can see that the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk helps in a huge way. It might not have helped cool the most, but for its low cost, it is well worth the buy. I honestly didn’t think that just propping up the laptop at a slight angle and adding a little airflow would drop the temp buy so much, but I was quite wrong.


Now let’s get on to my final thoughts:


I was quite shocked by the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk. When I first saw it I was a little skeptical. I really didn’t know how well it would work, or if it would work at all. I was quite wrong. With just a few simple motions you have a nice-looking little stand for your laptop. I found that the construction of the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk, while it was in its propped open position, to almost be a little too shaky when the laptop was put on it. Don’t get me wrong it handled the large monster 17’ laptop, but I personally thought that it could have been a little bit more ridged. This particular laptop desk was not meant for this size of laptop which is something else I should make sure you know.

As part of the official test, I used the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk for my pc keyboard and mouse. I found that for using this model, this was the better option. Whether from my armchair or from a couch in front of a TV I found that it was a lot nicer than just having the keyboard on my lap. Plus with the mouse pad attachment, I didn’t have to try and find a place where my mouse would work. I also tried it while sitting at my desk, and found that it worked quite well from there too. With the Lapworks Ultralite Gamers Desk in my lap, I found it was much easier to sit up and even sit back, without my natural urge to hunch over the keyboard. For both of these, I found that it worked well in almost everything I did whether I was playing games, general web surfing, or doing some actual work.

Would I recommend this? In a word, Yes. While propped open I didn’t find that it was the best for putting a laptop on. I did however find that for sheer comfort it was far better than just putting the laptop directly on my lap. It also was a great place to put a wireless keyboard and mouse in any situation I tried. I would recommend this for anyone that has an HTPC or gaming rig in their living room. This unit is a million times more comfortable than using other TV tray-styled laptop desks.


  • Light Weight
  • Compact
  • Helps Cool Laptops
  • Great Comfort
  • MUCH Stronger Than it Looks
  • Can be Used in a Multitude of ways
  • Attachable Mouse Pad Capable (If you Purchase it)


  • Could be More Ridged


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