Nexus TDD-9000 Liquid Laptop Cooler Review

Mobile computing is becoming less of a luxury and more like a necessity in today’s fast passed world. Not only are laptops getting more and more portable they are also becoming very affordable to the average user. This option for many is the only option so if you are one of these that can’t live without yout laptop or netbook then you will be very interested in the Nexus Liquid laptop cooler. Because of its design it is just as easy to transport as your laptop and can ad years to the life of your laptop and improve its overall performance. Let’s get a closer look:

Provided by: End PC Noise

Price: $24.95

Closer Look:

Specifications and Features:

  • Patented liquid
  • Soft black velvet
  • No noise – Completely silent
  • No energy consumption
  • Universal application
  • Ideal for use on your lap or desk
  • Foldable – easy to take along
  • Size: 40x29cm / 15.7×11.4in
  • Weight: 500 gram

Made with special cooling materials, liquid and structure. Just put on your laptop on the cooling pad and it cools effectively. Heat will be dissipated equally and the overall temperature will drop significantly.

INDEPENDENT TEST Independent tests done by SGS Taiwan ltd. show an efficient performance with approx. 17°C improvement on area’s and parts of your laptop. You can find the official graphs from the reports elsewhere on this package.

NO POWER – NO NOISE The liquid cooling pad does not need any power to function. For optimal cooling and best performance shake the liquid cooling pad every 20 minutes.

EASY USE – EASY CARRY You can easily fold-up the liquid cooling pad and carry it together with your laptop. You will always have your cooling pad; use it any time, anywhere.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION The liquid cooling pad was designed to fit any size laptop. But the cooling pad can also be used for example as a keyboard/mouse wrist cushion. Or any other application you will find convenient.

Note: For optimal cooling and best performance we suggest to shake the liquid cooling pad every 20 minutes.


Testing Setup:

Aspire® One – 8.9″
Acer® redefines mobile connectivity with the Aspire® One, a netbook packed with fun and powerful computing features in a diminutive 8.9″ form factor weighing as little as 2.2 lb. Aimed at business professionals, students and world travelers, it offers a choice of operating systems, wireless connectivity, Internet access, built-in webcam and the storage space needed for digital photos. It’s time to simplify your life with the Aspire® One.


For testing I decided to take note of both the load and idle temps for the HDD and CPU of the netbook for use directly on my desk nand then again while using the Nexus cooling pad. The ambient temp will remain a constant 28 degrees to ensure accurate temperatures.





hd 34 / cpu 39

hd 35 / cpu 47

Nexus Pad

hd 32 / cpu 38

hd 32 / cpu 46

Even thought the temps were hugely different the Nexus in the end out performed a fairly cool surface the arberite top of my desk. If you were to do the same test on your lap or on top of a blanket you would notice a much larger difference in temperature. Let’s see the final thoughts.


Overall the portability and temperature decreasing effect the Nexus Liquid Cooling pad had over your conventional desk or laptop makes it a clear winner for anyone that is on the go and doesn’t want a bulky plastic air-cooled notebook cooler to lug around. I must say I had several people eyeing it up when I brought it out for testing in our office and apparently it is a pretty hot item.

Would I recommend this product? Yup, it’s a great little cooler and works for almost any surface as opposed to other more rigid coolers. It is easy to clean and the fabric won’t scratch your notebook. Overall it is a winner.


  • Price
  • Portability
  • Good temps
  • Soft Fabric
  • Works on almost any surface
  • Quiet


  • None




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