NZXT Cryo LX Aluminum and Thermaltake Massive 23 ST Notebook Cooler Round-Up Review

We do a lot of mobile computing accessories here at OverclockersHQ most of the stuff we review has to do with your average laptop user that is a casual laptop user or uses it for business purposes. The reason there is such a glut of products on the market for this type of user is because this type of user is the largest audience to appeal to; what about laptop gamers? There are some serious laptops with serious horsepower flying out of the doors of custom built online PC vendors these days. We are starting to see i7 laptops with some incredible graphics integration. As most of you know that fallow the i7 movement these chips are HOT and stuffing them inside a laptop is going to lead to disaster without some serious cooling. This is where the NZXT Cryo LX and THermaltake Massive 23 comes to rescue all you laptop gamers. Sporting a full aluminum body and 3 120mm fans we should see some very impressive temperature improvements and the monster fant that Thermalteak Chose for the Massive 23 SHould have interesting Results.




Provided by: NZXT

Price: $69.99

Massive 23:

Provided by: Thermaltake

Price: $39.99


Closer Look:


Features (Cryo):

  • Built with thick aluminum with sturdy construction
  • Brushed Aluminum finish
  • Rubber finish lifts the notebook up to allow less heat pockets and better airflow
  • Cools your notebook with three adjustable large 120mm fans
  • Four USB ports for your media, storage, and input devices
  • Folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Support for power notebooks with 15″, 17″ and 19″ wide screens
  • Dimensions (W x D): 16.6″ x 11.6″

Features Thermaltake:

Oversized definitely quiet 230mm Blue LED fan accelerates airflow to improve overall heat dissipation
Built-in Blue LED On/Off switch to easily adapt to different working or gaming environment
Ultra-lightweight ABS Plastic material combines with black metal mesh stylish design
USB powered cable eliminates bulky AC power adapter
Supports laptop size from 10” ~ 17”, especially for wide-screen laptop



In order to test the Laptop coolers we do an idle and load test and record the most important sensors temperatures the cpu and hdd. The room temperature will be a constant 23 degrees to ensure a controlled environment. I will be putting the Cryo LX from NZXT and Thermaltake Massive 23 up against each other and also record the temps you can expect to see while your laptop is sitting directly on your desk.










Cryo LX





Massive 23











As seen during the testing the Cryo more than holds its own. If you have a large gaming laptop this laptop cooler is a great choice. One thing I noticed when using the Cryo LX is the rubber pad at the bottom also double as a soft rest for your wrists when typing if you are using a smaller sized laptop. I love the performance and style of this cooler it looks very beefy and the overall design was very well thought out.

As for the Thermaltake Massive 23 it more than compensates for its slightly warmer temps over the Cryo by its price point. The load temps where a very impressive 3 degrees difference on the CPU which is very impressive considering it is just a laptop cooler.

Would I recommend the Cryo and Thermaltake MAssive 23 ST? Yes, but more so for serious power users this may not be the best choice for a netbook user they maybe, just maybe,  might be a bit on the bulky side for that specific circumstance; otherwise they are fantastic coolers and very masculine in style not to say the lady gamers can’t appreciate them


  • Build Quality(Both)
  • Rubberized Rest (Cryo)
  • Looks Like a Gaming Beast! (Both)
  • 3 x 120mm fans (Cryo)
  • Massive Fan (Massive)
  • Fully Aluminum (Cryo)
  • One of the Only Coolers I Have Seen in That Works With a 19 Inch Laptop (Cryo)


  • Little heavy (Cryo)
  • Could Use More Aluminum Based COoling Like the Cryo (Massive)

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