Arctic Cooling K381 Multi Function Keyboard Review are if you have been around computers for awhile you have noticed a lot of changes in the keyboard design since the days of the commodore. There have been ergonomic, mechanical keys, touch keyboards, and countless others. What constitutes a good keyboard? Well the best benchmark of a keyboard is its comfort and words per minute; if you can type comfortably and your speed increases then the keyboard that achieves this is the best one for you. I have used several very expensive gaming keyboards in the past and to be honest none of them fell good for just typing. Today we will be looking at the Arctic Cooling K381 Multi Function Keyboard which in its own right is one of the best keyboards I have ever used. Let’s see if it is the right fit for your next keyboard purchase:


Provided by: Arctic Cooling

Price: $24.95

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Main features

  • 12 office function keys – one-touch access to different features
  • Keys for volume control and standby
  • Low-profile layout and key structure – perfect for comfortable typing
  • Low resistance switches allow continuous typing without fatigue
  • Sharp and clear pressure point
  • Save space with ultra-slim design


Although the K381 is small and thin, it is embedded with 12 one-touch office function keys, including volume control, full-sized arrow keys, and numeric keypad.

At just 12mm height (at the back 20mm), this extremely flat design gives the possibility to seat the heels of hand on the desk, offering great ergonomics and comfort.  The keys are crisp and responsive and this offer typists to type on sharp and clear pressure points.

The K381 is available in the following layouts: German, French, British, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Polish (US Standard); all in black and white. These characteristics make the K381 to be suitable for everyday usage.



Gaming keyboard have their place and for that matter no standard eyboard can replace them but when it comes to straight comfort and typing the Arctic Cooling K381 Multi Function Keyboard is my first and in my opinion only choice. I have been using a keyboard much like this one for a long time now and it will be a pretty amazing keyboard that has to be invented to replace this keyboards spot on my desk.

Would I recommend this keyboard? For hard core gamers, maybe not, but for anyone looking for a very in expensive alternative to the Microsoft’s and Logitech’s of the world grab yourself a Arctic Cooling K381 Multi Function Keyboard as soon as possible.


  • Price
  • Comfort
  • Typing speed 
  • Slim Design
  • Doesn’t Take up a lot of Room on a Desk


  • Sleep Button (but it can be disabled)

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