Arctic Cooling M551 Gaming Mouse Review was a time when gaming peripherals were a very small portion of the market. There were only about 2 or 3 companies battling at a time for their share of the market. Well as time has progressed so has the gaming market.  Between Nintendo’s behemoth 34.96 billion a year market share and PC and the rest of the consoles competing for another 33 billion market share per year it is clear to see that the video game and gaming peripheral market has a huge potential for profit, and as such we have been seeing more and more companies taking a dive into the gaming market. Arctic Cool is one such company that has taken the plunge. Using the same model that several other companies have adopted Arctic Cooling has made its gaming presence known with a large range of new gaming products. The model used is known as the OEM model. By hiring a company that already makes gaming peripherals to put your name and colors into its existing product line the company saves millions in product development and gets a whole series of products out fast. Today we will be looking at a budget friendly gaming mouse the Arctic Cooling M551 Gaming Mouse, will it be a smart choice for Arctic Cooling or should they have gone with their own design departments ideas, let’s see:


Provided by: Arctic Cooling

Price: $24.95

Closer Look:




Specifications and Features:

A mouse works like a computer user’s fingertips, so it should be quick, precise, comfortable and high-quality to help them slide freely on screen. ARCTIC M551 that incorporates all these attributes along with highly functional features..

Main features

  • Laser engine for absolute accuracy – even on glass
  • Ultra-high sensitivity – 800 / 1600 / 2400 dpi
  • Ergonomic design maximizes comfort for a long game play
  • Smooth, low resistance movements by slick gliding feet
  • Back and forth thumb buttons for easy navigation
  • Coated cord eliminates line clustering


The ARCTIC M551 has a resistant surface coating to protect the mouse from wearing out. This helps to maintain the mouse at top-notch quality from day-to-day use. This mouse operates with laser optical sensor; thus, it has ultra-high sensitivity levels that offers ideal precision and speed. The sensitivity levels can be adjusted from 800, 1,600 to 2,400 dpi by simply pressing the ‘dpi’ button. The current sensitivity level is displayed by a LED light on the mouse as well.

The ARCTIC M551 also has the basic features that any computer user is looking for – backward and forward button on the side and the scrolling key on the mouse. All these features are targeted to serve users to surf and play online more conveniently. The quiet scrolling wheel gives highest comfort to users when they need to view slides, zoom in and out, and navigate content on computer screen..

The ARCTIC M551 is available in black and white. It perfectly matches up with the ARCTIC K381 Keyboard.



For its price the Arctic Cooling M551 Gaming Mouse delivers a plethora of gaming features for a budget friendly price. Is it the best mouse I have ever used? No, but for under $30 it is a pretty awesome mouse, but there is something else to consider: what is the next tier up offering. Is we were to spend a little less than $10 more we would be in the SteelSeries Kinzu territory. Although I like the ergonomic design of the M551 the Kinzu offers 800 DPI higher optical settings, and anti-slip grip and much more impressive woven cable shielding. I know Arctic Cooling is new to the gaming peripheral world than SteelSeries, so of course I have to cut them some slack but if they are going to use OEM products again in the future I believe a few things need to be addressed: anti slip coating, and higher DPI.

Now for actual testing the mouse was nice to use buttons are very well placed, nothing felt glitch or cumbersome, the mouse’s lightness is a pet peeve of mine but if you like light mice then it wil be great for you. The accuracy of the mouse is phenomenal; the glide with a harder surface was also exceptional.

Would I recommend this product? It depends if your budget is hard and fast at the under $30 mark then absolutely get this mouse but if you are more interested in comfort then maybe spending a little more might be a better choice. I will say this for sure if you are a lefty then the Arctic Cooling M551 Gaming Mouse is not for you.



  • Price
  • On the fly DPI Settings
  • Good Control
  • Ergonomic


  • Arctic Cooling is on the Right Track but Just not Quite There yet With This Product (In my opinion)


  • Too Light for Me
  • Righties Only
  • No Anti Slip Rubber

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