Artisan Evolve Gaming and Classic Mouse Pad Round Up Review (surprisingly enough) can be taxing on your body; if you do not have the right equipment you can end up with back ache, wrist problems and bas posture. This is usually alleviated by a good office chair, ergonomic mouse and keyboard, and a good desk. What if I told you your mouse pad is just as important as any of these? Well today we will be looking at the Artisan Evolve Gaming and Classic Mouse Pad Series that come in multiple shapes and textures to suit your needs. Not only will the Artisan Evolve Gaming and Classic Mouse Pad’s improve your gaming but the surfaces they use (in my opinion) cut down on chafing and other skin irritation. Let’s see if the Artisan Evolve Gaming and Classic Mouse Pad Series is right for you:


Provided by: Artisan Kai

Price: Between $18-$35

Closer Look:



Specifications and Features:

Common features

– airy initial mortion and precision move.
– Slipping fast, but can easily be stopped.
– precise stops.
– special foamed middle layer
– Impregnable non slip sole, and no sticky.




Reasons of the best mouse pad ?

Cloth surface is the best,we believe. The cloth characteristic is easy to adjust for every users. So,it will become more comfortable pad ever. The surface will be all about texture surface,even more close-woven cell. It will be easy to get initial reaction and solid feelings when customize the surface of cloth.

For the glass type surface,it should keep softness and thinness between middle sponge. Middle layer structure will be very important to keep those performances.

It affects a lot to mouse motions. if the middle layer is bended or voided, the surface will be also voided.
Moreover, elasticity will be very necessary for accurate stopping.

Most products are using cheap open cell rubber for middle layer.
It is impossible to achieve definite performances with cheap open cell rubber.
But,ARTISAN achieves to offer the best performance because of the special structure foame.









I have seen a lot of mouse pads in my time; to be honest for the most part they all functioned quite well. I do have to say that the Artisan Evolve Gaming and Classic Mouse Pad Series is unlike any mouse pads I have used so far. I cannot even describe the material they use for the surface but it is very effective. The “hard” surface wasn’t like your typical hard surfaced mouse, it was really fast much like other hard surfaced mouse pads but it did not feel like the typical hard plastic surface I have used in the past. It was still soft and easy on the wrist.

Would I recommend this product? Yes, and I have already. One of our readers saw our video review came into the shop the next day and got one for himself. I think Grow up Group will do very well with it’s artisan mouse pads and I look forward to seeing what else they have in store for us in the future.


  • Well Made
  • Great Prices
  • Nice Design
  • Easy on the Wrist


  •  Needs Some Sort of Gamer Insignia

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